Be the Best Lover

All guys want to be the best lover you’ve ever had. Of course it’s impossible for every man to achieve this prestigious title, but every man’s ego will want to give it a good try! A lot of girls are too shy to tell you exactly how they like it; they don’t want to sound too easy or upfront. They don’t seem to realise that we’d love some direction – we want to hit the spot every time! Although every woman is individual and likes different things, there are some techniques that will make most girls melt. All it takes is a little effort and concentration, and you’ll have her declaring you the world’s number one lover!

Rather than going straight for the jackpot, you need to warm up your woman first. Unless they’ve specifically requested a fast, furious quickie, you should take your time to make sure she is completely ready for you and turned on before attempting intercourse. Concentrate on her hot spots that might usually get missed; plant a trail of gentle kisses from her ear down to her collar bone and shoulder. Most women love to be kissed on the neck, so spend some time in this area. To strengthen intimacy, make sure you keep some eye contact and kiss her anywhere on her face; this shows that you’re full of affection as well as lust.

Light and firm strokes across her body will stimulate her skin and get her blood flowing; you could either stick to the classic back massage or treat her by going over her whole body, along her arms, legs and chest. Make sure you use a lighter touch on any delicate parts, and listen to her breathing and moans to guide you to the perfect pressure. If you’re not sure how to do it, imitate the erotic massage given by our Canonbury escorts; they would be a great teacher!

When she’s squirming for you, make sure you moisten her lips properly before entering her. This can either be with her own wetness, with some lube or with your tongue; this will make for a much smoother and more pleasant feeling. If you push yourself inside her when she’s not properly wet, it will be uncomfortable or even painful for her, so avoid this at all costs – however eager you are.

You need to judge the size of your manhood realistically to find the best position for your woman; if you’re small to average, find something that lets you go as deep as possible. These include doggy style and its variations, or if you’re in missionary push her legs as far up as is comfortable for her. You can balance her legs on your shoulders and hold yourself up on your hands. Use all of this information and you’ll soon be on route to number one!