Get Experimental

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a sex rut? People who have been in the same relationship for a long time or who haven’t pulled in a while might find it difficult to try new things in the bedroom. However, everyone has the the potential to release their adventurous side between the sheets! Our London Gatwick escorts will be able to bring you out of your shell and give you some ideas, as they are very confident and experienced in this area. To give you a few starting points, read on to learn how to get experimental.

You don’t need to be into full on sadomasochism to enjoy a bit of light bondage, submission or domination. Try tying each other up with silk scarves and a blindfold; when you’re restricted in this way, all of your other senses become heightened. Every touch on your skin will be intensified. When she’s at your mercy, you’ll enjoy teasing her until she begs for more. If you decide to go any further with S&M, always make sure you have a ‘safe word’ to use, just in case one of you becomes uncomfortable and wants to stop.

Now that the weather’s finally starting to get warmer, think about taking your love sessions outdoors. Remember that there are public decency laws, so you’d have to be discreet and careful about the spot you choose. The slight possibility of getting caught can be thrilling! You’ll feel so naughty in this new environment, and it will feel completely different to monotonous weekly coitus in the bedroom.

Have you tried introducing some toys into the mix? It isn’t only her that can enjoy them. First, gently play with her vibrator on her, being careful not to get carried away and hurt her. If you’re feeling brave, you could even get some for yourself. Any major sex store will sell a variety of products for men, from butt plugs to cock rings. If it seems intimidating, start off small – and always remember to use lubrication and wash the toys afterwards. It will add a new dynamic to your kinky games, and you’ll experience pleasure in places you’ve never felt before.

These ideas are just a tiny percentage of all the adventurous things you could try; there’s a whole wide world of sex out there waiting to be explored. Get out of that missionary position and into new heights of pleasure!