Girl Next Door

Whereas some men like their women to be overtly sexy, flirtatious and downright filthy, others prefer the girl-next-door type. Think along the lines of an early Britney Spears, way before she lost the plot, shaved her head and started dressing like a chav. The type of girl we’re referring to looks sweet, innocent and adorable; she’s very feminine, and perhaps a bit shy. She brings out your protective, masculine side, and makes you want to do all kinds of less innocent things to her.

A few years ago, a film was released under this title. Elisha Cuthbert played the leading role, as a perfect mix between the two types of girls we mentioned above. She’s sweet and feminine, but far from innocent (in fact, it turns out she’s a former porn star). We’re pretty sure that there aren’t many guys who could say no to her! Our feminine escorts are not the stars of movies (although we do have the occasional porn star escorts at our agency), but they are just as desirable.

You’ll recognise the more innocent escorts from their photos; they might be wearing pink or white lingerie, and have big doe eyes that lure you in. You might see a shy smile on her lips, or a modest pose. Other ladies are much more confident about their sexuality; you’ll see them in red and black, satin and lace. They have a naughty glint in their eye that’s an indication of what you’re in for when you make a booking; these girls aren’t afraid to show off their best assets, or to tell you exactly what they want. Which kind of girl appeals to you?

One of the winning combinations that so many of our escorts have is a little bit of both, just like Elisha Cuthbert in the Girl Next Door. In public they’re perfectly ladylike, with just enough modesty and politeness to win everyone over she meets. But behind closed doors, a vixen is released; she is wild, passionate and fearless. Imagine being the object of her attention!

Browse through our gallery of girls to find your perfect femme fatale, or girl next door. We’ve got such a great selection that you won’t be short of choices; whatever your preferences are, we’ll be able to accommodate your request. If you can’t find out the information you’re looking for on the escort’s profile, feel free to call up our number and enquire about any of the ladies on our website. We’re always happy to help.