Girl Talk – Shhhh!

We’ve given you all the facts about your manhood in the past, what’s normal and how to make the most of them. However, as you already have a penis you probably already knew most of this! What we’re going to share with you is some intimate details about a lady’s private parts – all the things you’ve always wondered about her vagina. You’ll soon be quite the connoisseur!

The word ‘vagina’ didn’t come into common usage until 1682. We can’t repeat what it used to be called before that, because around 100 years ago it became a very offensive swear word! There are far too many slang words in usage for us to list, but these vary from crude likenesses to cute pet names.

On either side of the entrance to the vagina, there is a tiny gland called the Bartholin’s gland. Just before she orgasms, these secrete a little bit of fluid (which you might be able to feel with your hand, if it’s down there at the time). This is separate wetness to the fluid that comes from inside her vagina, which becomes wet when she’s aroused.

Of a woman’s whole body, her vagina is the most elastic part. This is a good thing for all those well endowed guys who need accommodating, and also rather useful for child birth!

Have you ever heard of a condition called Uterus Didelphys? Not quite as much fun as it sounds, it’s a rare condition where a girl is born with two vaginas. And before you start wondering, no – none of our cheap escorts are afflicted with this!

If you get confused about which bit is called what, the ‘vulva’ refers to the outside and surrounding skin, with ‘vagina’ referring to the tube inside. When a girl is relaxed, this is only about 10cm long. It stretches when she is aroused, allowing her man inside.

Every vagina looks different; you will never find two that look exactly the same (much like your own private parts). Some girls have longer inner labia (the lips), and some women’s outside lips are longer. There isn’t a normal way round, these are both common.

Vaginas are self cleaning, so you shouldn’t irritate them by rubbing soap or perfumed products inside; this will upset the pH balance and could lead to infection. They are naturally acidic, which kills bacteria. An indicator that she is washing downstairs too much is if an unpleasant odour develops, such as a fishy smell.

We bet you’ve learned a few things now, and will have something to discuss at the pub!