Special Spots

Ah, the g-spot. That wonderful, at times elusive, button that all men want to push. Since it was discovered by the German gynaecologist ‘Grafenberg’ around 1950 and named after him in 1981, some have disputed it’s existence, however there are too many women who have achieved powerful orgasm through having it stimulated to deny it!

The g-spot is a small, bean shaped area of skin found on the front vaginal wall, somewhere between one and three inches up. It feels slightly rougher than the rest of the skin, and for some women can bring on strong orgasms when rubbed or stimulated. This can be done either manually or through sexual penetration, but you must be at the right angle to achieve this.

It is more likely that a woman will ejaculate when her orgasm comes from the g-spot; although no scientific studies have been carried out, surveys have indicated that around 40% of women can ejaculate this way. Some believe that all women are potentially capable of squirting but just haven’t discovered it yet, whereas others think that it’s a physical impossibility for a proportion of women. Unless every woman in the world continues to try, we’ll probably never know!

Our gorgeous Temple escorts are very familiar with their own bodies, and know that the g-spot is not the only hot spot. Ever heard of the ‘A spot’ or the ‘U Spot’? If not, you might still be able to learn a thing or two!

The U spot can be found just above the vaginal opening, at the opening of her urethra (where she wees from). Stimulating this area gently can intensify sexual pleasure for her, though remember that this part is delicate. You can use your mouth or your tongue, rubbing it along with her clitoris. You should never try to put anything inside there, but it can be incorporated into foreplay.

The A spot, also known as the ‘epicentre’ is an area of sensitive tissue found inside the vagina, just above the g-spot. This can also be stimulated through penetration, leading to explosive orgasms.

Whereas a man has one blissful peak when he climaxes, a woman’s orgasm builds in waves. She has erogenous zones all over her body, so don’t neglect any part of her! If you build up gently by kissing, stroking, caressing and rubbing her all over, by the time you hit those magic spots she will be absolutely raring to go and hitting that jackpot should be a much easier task.