A very high number of us have a voyeuristic side, even if we don’t realise it. Many shy away from the idea because they see it as perverted, imagining peeping toms with binoculars. Although the term was originally used when referring to spying on someone without their knowledge, it is now a much broader term – it can mean anything that turns you on visually. You could call watching porn voyeurism, or going to a strip club. You’re watching, observing, and getting sexual desire from it.

A lot of the people who wouldn’t openly admit to being a voyeur might have a secret liking for it; watching something like a young, attractive couple having sex would turn anybody on! A large majority might just not know because they’ve never tried it; some who do enjoy voyeurism may have stumbled upon it by accident.

Visuals are one of the most important things when it comes to sexuality; although there are other big factors such as touch and scent, visuals are usually the first thing to ignite the flame. For example if you see someone you fancy, or if you’re browsing the gallery of our blonde escorts and deciding which one you’re most attracted to. If you see your other half in sexy lingerie, just the sight of it is likely to get you going. In this way, being a voyeur you can become aroused just from what you see.

If you want to try this without being arrested, there are a few different things you could try. Firstly, discuss it with your partner. You could take it in turns to watch each other masturbate, either in the same room or through a crack in the door if you want to make it a bit more naughty. For proper peep shows, try going on a weekend break to Amsterdam where the sex trade is legal and there’s a whole range of shows to choose from. Another thing you can try with your other half is to go to a swingers party and soak up the sexually charged atmosphere; there is usually a mixture of exhibitionists there who love to put on a sexual performance, and voyeurs who prefer to watch.

If you’ve never tried voyeurism, it’s worth giving a try to see if it floats your boat – but make sure you stick to consenting participants otherwise you might find yourself in trouble!