What Turns You On?

Every man has his own individual preferences in life. It might be whether he likes wholemeal or white bread, or whether he enjoys summer or winter. When it comes to women, there are so many wonderful qualities that sometimes it can be difficult to decide which you like the most!

Ladies possess certain assets that have the power to drive men wild. Even the most professional, sensible gentlemen can transform into blithering idiots when confronted with a stunning busty escort! He might be described as a ‘breasts man’. If your eyes are automatically drawn to a heaving bust, you would fall into this category. You may have have gotten into trouble before if a lady caught you looking… they prefer your attention to be focused on their face! Some women dress to show off their chest with a plunging cleavage, and others who are more modest cover them up. It is usually the latter who will take offence to you gawping! If you are a breasts man, get it out of your system by checking out our busty escort girls, and keep your manners impeccable in public!

Some men can’t resist a pair of long, toned legs. In the summer it’s a blessing; all the girls come out in their short skirts and dresses, showing off their smooth, tanned skin. Legs look the best in a pair of high heels – sometimes when you catch sight of this you can’t help but imagine those legs wrapped around you! This is not quite so obvious so you can catch a cheeky glimpse in public, but don’t let your thoughts get too carried away! You can continue your leg worship when you get a gorgeous girl in your bedroom.

The third popular category is men who love bums. The way they wiggle when she walks, the curve from her lower back onto her buttocks, and the firm, holdable roundness of her rump. You’re probably getting excited just thinking about it! Some girls are very aware of their great shape and will dress in tight fitting clothes to show it off. Others can become self conscious of big bums, but we love all kinds of derriere!

There are also guys who simply love pretty eyes and a great smile. This is certainly the safest turn on – girls love it when you look them in the eyes instead of your eyes wandering across their bodies! Whatever it is that turns you on, you’ll find a girl to fit the bill at V London Escorts. Browse our gallery to find out for yourself.