Your One Night Stand

If you like to think of yourself as a bit of a player, chances are that every so often you enjoy a one night stand with a beautiful lady. However, if you’re not careful there can be an awkward moment when you want to part ways, and she wants to stay intimate; it’s not as straight forward as spending time with London escorts where you both know the score! One night stands should be a fun experience, so do what you can to avoid anything unpleasant that might taint your memory of it.

If you’re out on the pull, you should forward plan just in case you do happen to get lucky. Come up with an excuse why you shouldn’t really be having a late night; perhaps you have an early start at work for an important meeting or a presentation, or maybe family are coming to visit. If you have a genuine prior engagement, even better! You should create a realistic situation that is not too far fetched otherwise she will suss you out and take offence.

Once you have your story, stick to it all night. You never know who’s listening to your conversation, so avoid contradicting yourself in case one of her friends overhears. If she believes that you have an early start, she will be even more flattered that you’d go out of your way to stay up late with her!

The easiest way to cut a one night stand short is by going to her place – that way you can leave whenever you want. It can be more difficult to turf a girl out politely if she’s at yours. Say that you have thin walls and a grumpy flat mate, or that your flat’s undergoing renovations. If her place isn’t an option either, you could always go to a hotel.

Don’t be too obvious with your escape; it can be tempting to bolt if she suddenly is not as fun or attractive as she seemed in the club, or if the sex was rubbish. But there’s no point hurting her feelings; at least have the courtesy to stay for a cuddle and a cup of coffee. If you don’t want to stay over, tell her that you can only sleep well alone, and although you’d love to stay you’d better make a move due to (whichever excuse you had mentioned earlier). This way, your story is consistent and she won’t think you’re suddenly making up excuses to leave, even if you are.

Giving her a fake number could be risky; these days it’s quite common to prank someone back so that you also have their number. If you don’t want to contact her again, take her number and let her see you saving it in your phone, and say you’ll be in touch during the week. Try to avoid giving her your number; you can also fob people off with social networking sites such as Facebook, then ignore their friend requests.

If you do choose to behave like a player, make sure you don’t have connections with the girls. Mutual friends or shared hang outs could make things very uncomfortable!