Bank Holiday Fun

Everyone who works regular hours loves a bank holiday. It means a three day weekend, a four day week and generally brings a little bit of excitement at the prospect of an extra day off. However, it’s useful to prepare for bank holidays in advance, because as you’ll know, half of the world closes on these days!

As the name suggests, the banks will not be open, nor will many shops, newsagents and post offices. Some will open for reduced hours, so check ahead to see when you can go. This is not the time to catch up on errands in town, tying up loose ends – you’re practically forced to relax!

Over the weekend, do a food shop to make sure your cupboards are stocked. You don’t want to run out of milk only to find that your corner shop is closed… make sure you have everything you might need until Tuesday. It’s also a good idea to check the weather forecast – will it be sunny? If there is rain forecast, find some DVDs or board games to plan a cosy day indoors. If you don’t have a partner or flatmates, perhaps you could arrange for some friends to come round. If the sun is out, you’ll probably all be migrating to the nearest beer garden!

Although a lot of the UK closes down on bank holidays, we remain open for the full 24 hours! You can still book a gorgeous escort at any time, even if the rest of the world is sleeping. Our lovely Kings Cross escorts enjoy meeting with gentlemen on these days, because like so many others they actually get a bit bored! The excitement of the weekend has worn off and it’s back to work on Tuesday, so we couldn’t think of a better way to spend these last few free hours.

Not everyone has bank holidays off work, so we should spare a thought for them while we’re lounging about relaxing. Many public services have to keep running, such as hospitals, the fire and ambulance service, police and public transport. The world wouldn’t be able to function without these services!

Holidays are very important for morale, so even if it’s not required or essential, take the day off if you have the opportunity to. A rest can do wonders for you, making you feel more energised and positive. You’ll feel great by Tuesday!