Buying a New Car

Here at the V office, we’re wondering what gifts we would buy for ourselves if we were given the chance. Obviously the first thing you think of is a holiday, but then that only happens once in a blue moon (when we can afford it) and although it’s incredible, in today’s uncertain economic climate. However, you can find so many cheap, last-minute deals that we think this would be a bit of a waste of money and not something we deem an economically-sound idea, given that we have been handed the luxury of freedom. The next thing on our list, is definitely a house. But with being tied down to one particular district of the city, not able to give a month’s notice before moving across town, instead spending weeks waiting for the house to be sold etc. we have come up with the solution. And that solution is most certainly a car.

Even with so many transport problems on the trains, tubes and buses, public transport is still the quickest way to get around the city. It remains that whilst we aren’t necessarily confident that the air we are forced to breathe in the underground will do us any lasting term, the idea of being able to nip out into the countryside of a weekend really appeals to us. And with the rising costs of train tickets, it makes sense. In our own little haven, we can put the radio on, some proper cheese if you please, and just enjoy the potential activities that await us in our weekend destination.

It’s beneficial that we be more spontaneous, and partake in the little things that we’ve never really taken the time to think about before. With the world always a terrifying place, a quick flick to any news channel will tell you this, it’s important that we take the time for ourselves and do what it is we want to do. Spontaneity and pleasure is fuel for the soul.

Now the colour of the car is by far the most important thing (of course it’s the make, but that doesn’t really fit with what we’re going for, here), just like the hair colour is probably the first thing you would think about when choosing your perfect escort. If you enjoy the brunette escorts , chances are you’ll go for a darker car. If you’re a blonde man, then the silver ones will most certainly get your attention. Either way, it’s a dream come true for everyone. An escort or a car.