Catch the Late Summer Sun

As usual, Britain did not see much of the summer. We had the occasional hot spell, but it was almost always followed by cloud or rain within the same week. Many of you donned your wellies for festivals over the last few months, and if you were lucky you might have escaped abroad. However with the credit crunch, countless redundancies and unemployment plaguing the country, a large amount of Brits couldn’t afford to take a break during the peak season.

Now that September’s here, there are hundreds of late deals to be taken advantage of on the internet. It’s a great time to take a holiday because kids have gone back to school meaning that the resorts aren’t over run, prices have dropped dramatically and the weather is still warm. One bonus of going after the peak season instead of before is that the sea will have gradually warmed up over the last few months and will be more pleasant to dip your toes in.

Some of the late deals have prices starting from just over £100 for a week, so you can actually take a week’s holiday for the same price as an hour with a London escort! Some of the destinations with the best bargains at the moment are:

  • Turkey (Dalaman)
  • Corfu (Kavos)
  • Ibiza
  • Crete (Malia)
  • Spain (Costa Brava, Costa Blanca)
  • Portugal
  • Zante

A simple search online will pull up the best deals; the best results are obtained if you are flexible with dates and destination. You might not have as thrilling a time as if you were to see one of our sexy escorts, but it is a good way to relax and unwind!

Now the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. It’s time to dig out your winter coats and boots if you want to keep warm, but there are better ways to keep warm. If you aren’t able to secure a week off work, all you need is one free night to heat things up! The companionship of a beautiful woman is the best way to keep the cold away and comes recommended by men across the globe. There’s a good reason why the escort industry is one of the oldest of all time – we know what a man needs and provide it!