The Different Sides of France

With France being so close to the British Isles, many of us have been tempted over the years to pay it a visit. Whether you take a ferry into Calais, fly into one of the major cities, take the Eurostar or swim the channel yourself, it is well worth making your way there.

There is a vast difference between visiting Paris and staying in the French country side. Not only is the pace of life completely different, but my personal experience is that local people react differently to tourists too.

I have stayed in Paris 3 times throughout my life. I love the city fiercely; the style, the passion, the cuisine, the beautiful brunette escorts… it’s everything you could want from life. Locals there do not always have much patience for tourists; obviously I cannot generalise, but if your French is as basic as mine you might encounter a sneer or two. However others are delighted at your efforts and will go out of their way to help. The first time I stayed in Paris, I did the tourist activities; the Eiffel Tower, a trip to Euro Disney, and climbing the stairs to the Sacre Coeur church that gives you breath taking views of the city. Unfortunately, the fog was so thick on the day I made that excursion, I couldn’t see a thing! However, I highly recommend taking the time to do each of these activities at least once in your life. Each has its own magical charm.

Once you have gotten the tourist attractions out of the way, then you can begin to discover the real Paris. Search for the hidden treasures, such as candle lit bistros, squares with painters working on an easel and underground jazz clubs. Paris is so chic and tasteful, you will never run out of exciting new discoveries.

Staying out in the countryside is another experience entirely. Locals are generally very friendly, and we would make a daily trip to the Boulangerie every morning to buy fresh bread for the day. Neighbours would invite us over for aperitifs, and there are many country lanes to take peaceful walks. On these occasions, we would always hire a car so we could visit nearby seaside towns – the nearest being St Jean de Monts. With a long beach, an evening African market and delicious local delicacies, this town will always have a place in my heart.