Pack Light

Generally, guys are nowhere near as bad as women when it comes to packing your suitcase for a holiday or a weekend break. However, not everyone fits the stereotype and sometimes it can be genuinely difficult to cut down your baggage. There are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t over pack and end up with loads of surplus that’s taking up valuable bag space.

Call your hotel before you leave to find out what they supply in your room. For example, if there are towels in your room that are regularly changed by room service, there is no need for you to take your own. You may still need to take beach towels if you are in a seaside resort or by the pool, but if not then you can save a large amount of space by not taking any with you. The hotel will also be able to tell you whether toiletries are supplied to save you taking your own shower gel and soap. They may also be able to provide you with a hair dryer, iron and other electrical equipment that may come in useful.

Plan your trip before you leave. Work out how many nights you will be going out to dinner or to a club, and suit your clothes to the occasion. Try to pick things that go together so you can mix and match; for example, if you have a pair of shorts or trousers that go with 3 or 4 different shirts, you won’t need another 3 pairs for those days. Take one pair of smart shoes for the evening, one pair that’s comfortable to walk in for exploring, and flip flops if it’s somewhere hot. Obviously skiing holidays are a different kettle of fish and require quite a different wardrobe!

Cut down sizes by buying miniature bottles for any products. High street shops sell cologne, moisturiser and shampoo in small sizes which are great for short breaks away. It’s a good idea to store these in a sealed clear plastic bag; first of all it helps with airport security, plus if there are any accidental spillages it will not ruin your clothes.

Consider the location you are visiting and whether you are likely to do much shopping whilst you are there. Whether it’s a weekend in Milan or an adventure in Goa, you may end up buying clothes or gifts out there so do save space to bring them back. London escorts love to travel to European cities and fill their suitcases with fashions that are ahead of the times of London escorts. With careful planning, you can get the balance just right!