Travel Etiquette – On a Plane

When you’re flying, patience can wear thin. You’re trapped in the air with hundreds of other tired, weary passengers with cramped conditions and food that tastes like cardboard. You might think that your manners are impeccable, but you might be doing little things that irritate other travellers beyond belief! Our Swiss Cottage Escorts are very well mannered so they have perfected their etiquette, but most of us could use a little help.

If you’ve ever had a child kicking the back of your seat in their boredom, you’ll know that the repetitive thud is enough to make even the Pope lose his temper. If you turn around and ask them to stop, the child might start bawling, leading to an even worse annoyance.

Although most adults know better than to kick the back of the seat in front, you can inadvertently create the same effect by rummaging around in the pocket of the seat, or my shifting the position of your legs frequently. You can also give them a jolt if you press against the seat when you stand up. All of these things can be just as bad as a child kicking, so bear it in mind!

If you have small children, you might have become accustomed to their screaming tantrums and have developed a remarkable technique of zoning out to find your ‘peaceful place’. But one of the biggest peeves of plane passengers is parents ignoring their children’s behaviour. Everyone understands that sometimes babies cry and that can’t be helped, but if a child causes havoc and gets away with it, there are bound to be a few disgruntled people in the surrounding area…

Just like on London transport, many people on planes wish to be left in peace when they travel. Some sleep, some watch the on board movie and some read a book. If you’re the friendly type who likes to pass the time by having a chat, watch carefully for your neighbour’s body language. If they are not being very responsive, have a strained smile or keep trying back to something they were doing, it means that they aren’t looking to make new friends and would rather be left alone.

One of the most basic yet important things to consider when flying is your personal hygiene. Sitting next to someone with foul breath or BO can be enough to make you gag – especially if it’s a long flight. Also, don’t remove your shoes unless you’re sure that your feet are fresh as a daisy.

If you remember your manners and follow these guidelines, you should manage to have a pleasant flight!