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Are You Looking After Yourself Properly? - 2013 February 20

The standards of one's grooming should never slip, despite the time of year. But many of us, the V London staff included, seem to think of winter as an excuse that allows us to sleep out of skin care routines. Whilst this may seem like a good idea in the long run, not moisturising before bed meant you were able to get three minutes extra sleep, you're paying for it now with that dry skin. Don't panic! You've got time before your meet with the London escorts.

Ski-Licious - 2013 January 30

So it’s that time of year when Christmas is over, summer seems a long way away, and you’re not really sure what you’ve got to look forward to. With the weather getting ever so more mild, it makes sense that you head somewhere perhaps a bit colder to really get the most out of your thermals that you have purchased this season. Of course, it’s not really necessary to have an incredibly restful holiday, given that you’ve probably spent the last month and a bit gorging on plenty of snacks, drinking until you pass out and avoiding the gym like the plague. Now it’s time to get active! So why not head off on a lovely skiing holiday? Grab a couple of pals and hit the slopes. Just make sure you’re decked out in the best gear - it’s the ideal way to attract the attention of the gorgeous girls that will not doubt be skiing down the beautiful mountains.

It's Time To Spend - 2012 December 03

We love nothing better than spoiling ourselves, that’s just the way of the world. And whilst it’s wishful thinking to hope that we could get everything we want for Christmas, or at least get presents that we don’t immediately want to return, this isn’t going to happen. Whilst it would be considered extremely tacky to overspend on ourselves, it’s definitely something that we should all consider. Or at least give answers when people enquire as ti what it is that you’re looking for from the big man, this year. Of course, it goes without saying that you have to spend a little, treat those special people in your life. And when it comes to it, online shopping isn’t as good as they make it out to be.

Ditch the Leisurely Lifestyle - 2012 March 12

When we’re in the winter months, we are prone to eating stodgy, comforting foods. Roast dinners, mashed potato, pies; traditional British food that warms tour cockles. We all love these types of foods, because they are deliciously naughty. However, one too many tasty treats can be bad for us.

Fancy Some GUM - 2012 January 20

When it comes to your health, we all tend to worry about getting ill. Whether it is a cough and a sniffle or a a pain in your gut, as a nation we do like to visit the doctor to check that we are OK. There is nothing wrong in checking to see if our health and fitness is up to the required standards. However, the slightest thing we think is wrong with us and we are panicking that it is the worse, we’ve all done it - London escorts too. Keeping up with our general health is important, without a proper functioning body we are likely to slow down and not run properly. General health includes sexual health. If you are practising safe sex, then you should have little to worry about. Using effective contraception is the best way to secure a clean bill of sexual health.

Keep on Track - 2012 January 18

When the weather is cold and frosty outside, the last thing you want to do is get up early in the morning for work. The comfort of your bed, snuggled under the duvet with the heating off is such a warm and cosy place. If you had it your way you'd spend your whole morning going in and out of sleep, dozing till about 11am, when you'd finally rise and get out of bed. Throwing on your dressing gown or hooded jumper you'd head for the kitchen and flick the kettle on so the red light notifies you that it is starting to boil. A heady cup of coffee is your preferred start to the day. A breakfast of poached eggs on toast is your winter morning starter, that or a bowl of porridge sweetened with honey.

Ladies Love a Gent - 2012 January 16

Achieving popularity with the ladies may seem like a dead cert. All you need to do is behave a little rugged and mean and you’ve nailed that bad boy image that every lady loves, right? Wrong. Yes, some women do love a bad boy, but they tend to be more trouble then they are worth. Fellas, what ladies really like is a guy that has manners, is respectful and honest. Gentlemen really are the ultimate catch. All girls go through a phase, in their younger years when they want nothing more than the thrill of dating a baddy. Whether it is for the excitement, the want and need for a challenge or the belief that they can be the one to change them.

Keep Fit and Look Great for 2012! - 2012 January 05

As a new year begins, people begin to feel more conscious about the decisions they make. New year’s resolutions have been made and adhered to, so far. But as the days of January tick by, the enthusiasm wanes and resolutions begin to break. Studies show that in the first week of January 20% of resolutions are broken. This most common reason for failure to commit is falling at the first hurdle. The first minor setback that someone encounters immediately makes them feel like they are failing and therefore feel like there is no point in continuing. This snowball effect is what causes people to abandon something that you initially intended on sticking to. A minor lapse shouldn’t lead to a total collapse and throwing away an opportunity to adjust something in your life. We all know it is difficult to stick to those half thought through pledges, it’s a lot easier making them then seeing them through.

To Wax or Not to Wax... - 2011 November 23

Some people find the subject of male waxing a little bit awkward. However, the amount of men choosing to incorporate a wax into their usual grooming treatment is fast increasing. Long gone are the days when only body builders chose to remove unwanted hair. Now there are a wide range of popular treatments available, including back waxing and the famous back sac and crack. Many gentlemen are now opting to book a wax treatment - sometimes to please their partner, or in preparation for a hot date with a London escort.

A Guide to Male Skincare - 2011 November 16

Winter may be great for a lot of things: snowboarding, skiing, snowball fights, or cosying up by the fire with a beautiful London escort - but one thing it does play havoc on is our skin! It has long been common knowledge that cold weather has detrimental effects on skin, as does strong wind and indoor heating - which all contribute to a loss of moisture in our skin. Therefore, it is important for the modern men amongst us to take certain steps to help protect our skin during this cold period of weather.

Foods to Make us Handsome - 2011 October 05

Many of us believe that women have it easy when it comes to looking good. After all, we are unable to cover up our external flaws, whereas they have the miracle of makeup to hide any faults. They also seem to find it a lot easier when it comes to fashion - often dressing to impress with figure hugging dresses which emphasise their curves, and high heels to elongate their legs. Whereas, us men tend to stick to comfort - a jeans and t-shirt combo is often as far as we go when it comes to style.

Delay Premature Ejaculation - 2011 August 12

We’ve all been there.... you're in the midst of passion with a sexy lady...... kissing her neck and fondling her juicy breasts.....then suddenly, without warning - it happens! You’ve not even had time to think, but it’s all over, as simple as that. Now you find yourself feeling deeply embarrassed and half-heartedly grovelling some lame excuse.

Keep Abreast of Stress - 2011 July 26

It often feels like there is little you can do about your stress level, as day to day problems slowly pile up around you. Even if you aren’t stressed yourself, you probably know someone who is, and this mood can have a knock on effect. In fact, a variety of reasons can irritate your mood - perhaps the muggy weather is getting you down, or perhaps you have worries concerning money, a relationship, or a job.

Embrace Your Softer Side - 2011 July 25

Many modern men are now proud to embrace a softer and more caring side of themselves. The hip and trendy “metro-sexual” can be spotted all around the city, and it is refreshing to see a more open and liberal side of men. With our busy lifestyles, we all need to remember to pamper ourselves once in a while. So ask yourself the following questions, and if you don’t already, then learn how to really look after number one.

Cheat Your Way to a Six Pack - 2011 July 20

This summer has seen toned babes in slinky bikinis, hitting beaches all over Britain. A lot of women seem to work hard at staying fit, London escorts are a prime example of girls who take great pride in their appearance. Us men however, are often less enthusiastic about the thought of counting calories or hitting the gym every evening. However, there are some small things that we can do to help us create the beach body that will win over all the stunners. So, if you want to have a body you can be proud of, follow the small steps below, and get in the right lane towards creating the physique you have always dreamed of!

Balding Gracefully? - 2011 July 19

For us men, baldness feels like a painful sign that we are getting old. Hair loss seems to be a direct indicator that the glory days are slipping away forever. We self-consciously reach for our hat in the morning, trying to ignore and cover the irritating symptoms. However, we need to remember that we are not alone!

Unusual Aphrodisiacs - What Would You Try? - 2011 July 08

The word aphrodisiac originates from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. There are many edible natural aphrodisiacs available which are all said to have a positive effect your sex life. Most of us have heard of the benefits of oysters, strawberries, caviar, and chocolate, but there is also a vast range of not so common foods which are supposed to light up your nether regions.

Do Chat Up Lines Work? - 2011 July 06

Chat up lines have been used for years as a way of attracting members of the opposite sex. Essentially it involves gaining the attention of your desired girl and then impressing her with your charm and wit. The chat up line is most often used in social venues such as clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants.

Being Naughty - 2011 June 29

It can be very dull to slip into a monotonous routine, the same thing every day. Waking up at the same time to go to the same office with the same faces. You go home at the same time to a microwaved dinner, and then off to bed to start the cycle all over again. It can become depressing - even soul destroying - if you don't mix things up a bit; variety is the spice of life, after all!

Check for Testicular Cancer - 2011 June 27

How well do you know your body? It's important to be familiar with how your testicles usually feel so that you'll be aware of any changes in them. Checking them out should be part of your regular routine to make sure that absolutely nothing gets missed. There are a lot of conditions affecting the testicles that aren't serious, so try not to panic or stress yourself out; that won't help anybody.

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