Alpha Vs Omega Males

You often hear people talking about ‘alpha males’; the testosterone fuelled leaders of the pack, marking their territory and making the rules. At their right hand you usually find the beta males, happy to follow but still able to hold their own. These types of men are generally confident enough to hire gorgeous Tower Gateway escorts when the mood takes them, not worrying what anyone might think.

What a lot of people forget about is the ‘Omega males’, the bottom of the masculine chain. These can come in many forms; computer nerds who spend their days playing video games and are holding out to marry Lara Croft, the metrosexuals who spend hours getting ready to go out but then forfeit the evening because they break a nail, and the weedy guys who moan and criticise everything, but never do anything proactive. If you’re worried that you might be an omega male, look for some of these signs and make a change!

If you find that you’re constantly dodging responsibility and refuse to get a ‘real’ job, this could be a worrying sign. Before you know it, you’re nearing 30 but still living in the basement of your mum’s house, and you’ve never had a girlfriend. This is not the kind of life that any man should be living! You might use excuses such as principles against evil corporate organisations, but this is no excuse for letting your life go down the drain.

Perhaps you’re one of the guys who likes to sit at home smoking weed, eating crisps and playing video games all day. You’ve got loads of friends… they just happen to be virtual, online friends. You need to get out of this rut and experience the real world, rather than living in a fantasy world. Your life will pass you by as you miss out on hundreds of opportunities. The same can be said for living in your comic book collection; having comics as an occasional hobby is fine, but if you start to spend more time with those characters than with real people, there’s a bit of a problem!

Some men become omega males because they’re constantly living in the past and refuse to move on. It might be after a girlfriend left you, or maybe you’re still clinging on to dreams of becoming a rock star when the rest of the band has grown up and moved on. Whatever it is holding you back, accept that the phase of your life has passed and it’s time to move on; if not, your life will waste away until you have nothing left but regret.

You don’t have to aspire to be an alpha male, but avoid being an omega male… it’s never going to do you any favours!