Avoid Catching Bugs

We all remember the Swine Flu epidemic that swept across the UK last year. Everyone was terrified of catching it, and we were urged to take extra measures to remain hygienic and germ free. Washing our hands after any bodily contact, sneezing into a tissue and disposing of it straight away, avoiding public confined spaces. Some people even walked around wearing face masks to avoid breathing the same air as others.

Now that summer is on its way, catching a bug is the last thing you want to happen. Although we tend to associate being ill with the cold wintertime, viruses actually circulate all year round so we need to remain vigilant if we don’t want to catch them! Here are few tips to keep your health and immune system in peak condition.

Keep communal areas as clean as possible. If you share a bathroom and a kitchen with others either at home or at work, clean them regularly with disinfectant. It’s more important to pass bugs in directly from person to person, but you can also catch them off harmless looking objects like door handles. While you’re at it, remember not to share things like toothbrushes and drinks; although it seems fine with your other half, she can still pass on the flu to you!

Get enough sleep every night. Sleep deprivation has an adverse affect on your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to viruses. Keep your mind and body healthy by getting 8 hours a night. Our black escorts know the value of this, and always look their best thanks to a good sleeping pattern.

Your diet is very important for keeping your immune system strong; eat a variety of fruit and vegetables every day to maintain a healthy body. All the things that you know are bad for you will actually weaken it: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, junk food. There is a reason why healthy living was drilled into you as a child – it’s for your own good!

Some of our other tips are simple common sense; if you know someone is ill, avoid them. Most bugs are contagious so you could catch it by coming into contact with them. Remember to wash your hands regularly (and yes, you need to use soap). Try not to touch your face – this is where the germs enter your system, so if you’ve picked something up on your hands, this is how it’s transferred into your body and how the virus is caught.