Cheat Your Way to a Six Pack

This summer has seen toned babes in slinky bikinis, hitting beaches all over Britain. A lot of women seem to work hard at staying fit, London escorts are a prime example of girls who take great pride in their appearance. Us men however, are often less enthusiastic about the thought of counting calories or hitting the gym every evening. However, there are some small things that we can do to help us create the beach body that will win over all the stunners. So, if you want to have a body you can be proud of, follow the small steps below, and get in the right lane towards creating the physique you have always dreamed of!


The official sport of summer, swimming is a great exercise because quite simply, it doesn’t feel like exercise! Swimming provides huge benefits for your body, as it builds muscle whilst also burning fat. It is also one of the only exercises which works every single muscle in your body – ensuring you are getting an all round workout. So why not take a dip in the sea, whilst at your favourite beach resort? You can have a close up of hot girls whilst toning your body! Or, if the typical English weather isn’t up to much, swimming indoors just a couple of hours once a week, will make a huge difference to your appearance.


We know it’s boring, but unfortunately plain old sit ups really do the trick when aiming for that six pack. Luckily, beach ready abs does not mean hours upon hours of repetitive crunches – just a few here and there, will really make a difference. Try holding the crunch for 30 seconds for maximum effect. And remember, toning exercises work best when combined with a healthy diet – or at the very least, a diet which contains a lot of water.


Believe it or not, the average human generates a new layer of skin every two to four weeks. This means that dead skin cells need to be removed, otherwise skin can become damaged. This is especially important when starting a new exercise routine, as without exfoliation, extra perspiration combined with dead skin cells can lead to spotty skin (nice!). Massage is also good when exercising, as it can relax aching muscles and help encourage healthy blood flow. If all this sounds like a bit too much effort, then why not opt for a cheap massage? London city escorts at V are all trained in the art of erotic massage, so you can ease your aching limbs and also let off some steam!

And now the most important tip of all! Don’t forget that some kinky sex with a special lady will really burn off some calories. Thrusting is great for the leg and stomach muscles…. who knew that becoming a muscly stud with a six pack, could be so much fun!