Clean Up Your Look

Even if you spend a lot of money on your wardrobe, a few lazy short cuts can turn your whole image from smart to sloppy. You don’t need a whole make over to sharpen up your look – there are quick things you can do to make yourself look much more appealing. This will not only impress your employer, but will also make you appear more attractive to our gorgeous Indian escorts – always a bonus!

If your usual daily look for socialising is jeans, t-shirt and trainers, make an effort to dress up one a week. This means donning a button down shirt, dress shoes and trousers. This will help you get into the best nightclubs and will attract a higher class of woman; you’ll notice how everyone around you treats you with more respect when you’re smartly dressed. It’s a shame that people are still treated differently according to class, but you may as well take advantage of it!

Ironing clothes is a long and boring task, but it makes such a big difference to how your clothes look. If you throw on the nearest crumpled t-shirt, you will look scruffy and people will assume that you don’t care about your appearance. If they make that assumption, they might also make unfair judgements such as thinking that you’re lazy and unhygienic. Prove them wrong by putting aside a couple of hours per week to iron all of your clothes (you can leave out the underwear, pyjamas and gym clothes). Make it less boring by catching up with your favourite TV show or watching a DVD at the same time. If you’re really run off your feet and don’t have time, your local dry cleaners will press them for you for a small fee.

Stray hairs can be a real turn off for women. Of course, men are naturally hairier than women, but if you have hair protruding from your ears or nose, sort it out. The same goes for bushy eye brows and monobrows – if you can’t bear to tweeze it yourself, go to a salon. You should also keep your pubic hair trimmed down and remove back hair; these things will make you look much more attractive.

The final tip is learning how to carry yourself. Stop slouching and stand up straight – you can watch your beer belly and double chin disappear immediately. You’ll also look taller which is often an advantage. Emphasize the best features on your face; if you have nice teeth, smile more. If you have nice eyes, lose the glasses and invest in some contact lenses. These small steps will lead to a great looking you!