Coming to Terms With Hair Loss

For a lot of men, losing your hair is inevitable. Although it’s not quite so dramatic if you rock the Ross Kemp hard man look, others can find it very upsetting and traumatic. Whether we like it or not, people do judge us differently as we start to age; for example, British Actor James Nesbitt recently admitted to having hair plugs put in, as he was concerned that his receding hair line would affect the roles he is offered. He told the media that it has changed his life! The procedure has also worked wonders for actor Jude Law and comedian Rob Brydon; since they ‘re-grew’ their lost hair, the work has been rolling in.

Sadly, not all of us can afford to have hair plugs, however there are ways that we can go bald gracefully. Before completely accepting your fate, find out if it is just your genes that are responsible for your gradual hair loss; some medications can have this side effect, and stress is also a contributing factor. If this could be making the problem worse, book yourself a massage or take a holiday; you could be adding years to your hair’s life expectancy.

For millions of men around the world, going bald is hereditary and cannot be prevented. The best thing you can do is face up to it and embrace it. Lots of women actually prefer bald men; just look at Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham – they certainly do alright with the ladies! Our escort girls think that it makes a man look more masculine, and they’ve even heard that bald men are more virile. We’re quite happy to go along with that theory!

However attached you may be to your old hairstyle, there comes a time when you have to let it go. Longer hairstyles look daft when you start to lose your hair, so try out a short cut. Long hair only draws attention to bald patches, whereas short styles disguise them more. Under no circumstances EVER does a comb-over look good; do not attempt this, you will only embarrass yourself. If you don’t believe us, a quick search in Google should show you what the world thinks of it! Also, growing a ponytail when you’re bald on top looks daft; unless you intend to wear a hat for the rest of your life, this is also a no-no.

Going bald is not the end of the world, so do whatever you can to come to terms with it. And remember, there are millions of other men in the same boat!