Daily Alcohol Consumption

Are you consuming alcohol everyday? This year London reportedly had a nice ‘bbq summer’, warm and sunny on most days, which attracted large number of sun seekers and party lovers crowding outside corner pubs and bars from Monday to Friday after work. And what’s worse is that people tend to drink more on the weekends and when they go on summer holidays too. Despite the warnings from the UK government, many Londoners claim that they do not know the exact daily recommended alcohol consumption limits, and are turning a blind eye on the health damages that alcohol can cause.

The government says that the recommended daily unit of alcohol for men should be no more than three to four, and two to three for women. However, some health specialists point out that this measurement should be used as a warning and not to be used as a ‘guideline’ on how much alcohol we can be drinking everyday. Many men have misused the message, and let themselves indulge with few cold pints everyday. It is proven that you will be putting yourself at a higher risk of short term and long term health problems if you have consume a large amount of alcohol daily over a period of time.

As a rough guide, one unit of alcohol is around 25ml of 40% spirit, or hlaf a pint of beer at 4%. A full pint of beer and a small glass of wine (175ml) therefore are both counted as 2 units. So if you have two pints of beer a day, you are already exceeding the daily recommended units, and are considered as a binge drinker. If you go out on the weekend and drink more, then you will be exceeding your weekly allowance of 21 unit. It is also recommended by health authorities that you rest your body for at least 48 hours after a big night out when you have over consumed alcohol. But most people are not aware of the health damages they are doing to themselves when they consume alcohol everyday. A study had shown that if a person drinks around three pints of beer (4%) a day, there is doubled risk of high blood pressure, pancreatitis, and stroke.

In a snap shot, most men and women in Britain reportedly consume large amount of alcohol on a regular basis if not daily. So next time when you wine and dine with your friends, partners, or London escorts , try to drink wisely and sensibly, your body will thank you for it.