Delay Premature Ejaculation

We’ve all been there…. you’re in the midst of passion with a sexy lady…… kissing her neck and fondling her juicy breasts…..then suddenly, without warning – it happens! You’ve not even had time to think, but it’s all over, as simple as that. Now you find yourself feeling deeply embarrassed and half-heartedly grovelling some lame excuse.

Premature ejaculation is actually an extremely common sexual dysfunction, which affects almost every man at some point in his life. Studies have found that up to 75% of all sexual intercourse, results in a man ejaculating within the first 10 minutes. Therefore, premature ejaculation only becomes an issue when one or both partners are dissatisfied. It is more serious however, when a man is unable to have sexual intercourse because he has already ejaculated prior to it. Unfortunately, many men feel uncomfortable discussing the issue, which can lead to low self esteem, anxiety and depression.

One way to try and avoid premature ejaculation, is to try and ensure that you are regularly satisfied. If it has been a while since you last ejaculated, then it makes sense that you will be unlikely to last very long. Therefore, try and make sure that you empty the barrel (so to speak) before you see your lovely lady.

Serious premature ejaculation, may require medical treatment. If you are regularly ejaculating within the first few minutes of intercourse, or you are unable to get that far, then it is worth a visit to your doctor. Don’t be shy, as it is a common problem amongst many male patients. If you have a female doctor, then don’t be afraid to ask the receptionist if you can see a male doctor, if this makes you more comfortable.

There are a few treatments available, and one of the best is actually drug-free therapy. Although this takes patience, psycho-sexual therapy can achieve long lasting results. A therapist will help you work on a behavioural technique known as stop-start, which helps you to realise when the point of ejaculation is coming, and ways to prevent it. The therapist will encourage you to practise this technique alone during masturbation, and then discuss any further issues with you. This kind of therapy can be extremely rewarding, as the therapist can also teach the patient other mind techniques to aid the situation. One of the other methods which is combined with stop-start, is using mind control to de-stimulate yourself. The patient will be encourage to momentarily ‘switch off’ from the exciting situation, and then return after the point of climax has disappeared.

There are also a range of specific muscle exercises which can be practised and then implicated in order to slow down ejaculation. Alternatively, there are also gels available, which are designed to slightly numb the area below, delaying the point of climax. If your problem is severe, then your doctor might recommend that you take prescription medicine, although most doctors are reluctant to prescribe this until other alternative methods have been tried.

One of the most important ways to delay or stop premature ejaculation is to simply learn how to relax. Stressed men are much more likely to suffer with the condition, than men who are calm and collected. Why not take some time out from your busy lifestyle and spend some time really pampering yourself? One way you could do this, is by booking a Brazilian massage, and unwinding whilst a beautiful women rubs away your stress. You could also start a new exercise regime – many modern men are now fans of relaxation techniques such as yoga and mediation. Or you could book a few weeks of work, and spend some quality time chilling out at home with one of our beautiful escorts London?

Always remember, that despite what films and pornography may suggest, the majority of men are not about to win any longevity award, when it comes to time spent in the bedroom. Saying this, no matter your situation, it is always going to be beneficial for both you and your partner, to learn techniques which extend your love-making. Good sex always relies on quality rather than quantity, so learn to take your time really pampering your partner. Most women put a lot of emphasis on fore-play, so if you know that you won’t last long when it comes to penetration, spend lots of extra time making your lady feel special beforehand. Learn to relax, and not take matters so seriously, most women including London escorts, realise that this is a common problem for men, and are very understanding.