Ditch the Obsession

Have you ever had a crush that’s ended up getting out of hand? If you have, you’re definitely not the only one. Many men and women have developed a fixation on someone; it might be someone they don’t know very well, a celebrity, a London escort they’ve met or an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. As long as the crush is unrequited, it’s not healthy for you.

Almost every teenager will become ‘obsessed’ about a celebrity at some point. In most cases, this only goes as far as covering your walls with posters of them, buying all of their music or films and scribbling their name over note books. This kind of behaviour is completely normal and nothing to worry about, however it shouldn’t extend past your teenage years. If you’re a grown man and still doing it, it might be time you got out the house and found a hobby!

Some hardcore fans take their obsessions to the next level; they might camp for days where they know a celebrity is appearing just to catch a glimpse of them, or they send letters and trinkets to the star. However, if you find yourself compromising your own lifestyle to hang around outside their home, you may end up getting arrested for stalking!

Another common obsession is with ex lovers. The temptation to stay hooked on them is too much for some, but unrequited love will only make you feel awful about yourself. This is when you have to take active steps to get over them, moving on with your life and giving yourself a fresh start. The whole time you remain hung up on them, you’re forfeiting any chance of meeting someone new – someone who could love you back! An unhealthy obsession compromises your own happiness, so do whatever it takes to break the cycle.

The first step is to cut contact. This can be difficult if you have mutual friends, but do what you can to remove the temptation to send them a drunken text. If you intend to stay friends, write down her number and give it to a friend to keep safe; then delete her number and any texts from your phone. Next time you want to call her, it will be out of your hands. If you don’t have mutual friends and you had a messy break up, it’s best to cut contact completely so don’t bother keeping her number anywhere.

Social networking sites like Facebook allow you to browse photos and personal details for hours, but this will do nothing to help you. Find the strength to delete them, again removing the temptation. Confide in a friend and ask them to help too; any time you start talking about her, they will know to change the subject.

It may seem impossible to get over the obsession now, but with a little help from yourself you can do it!