Embrace Your Softer Side

Many modern men are now proud to embrace a softer and more caring side of themselves. The hip and trendy “metro-sexual” can be spotted all around the city, and it is refreshing to see a more open and liberal side of men. With our busy lifestyles, we all need to remember to pamper ourselves once in a while. So ask yourself the following questions, and if you don’t already, then learn how to really look after number one.

When was the last time you had a bubble bath?

Taking a long hot bath is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day. Relaxation is the key – so why not light a few candles and turn down the lights? If you have trouble sleeping, an evening bath before bed can really help get you sleepy. Lie back with a magazine, cup of tea or glass of wine, and feel the weight of the world slowly drain away.

Have you ever spoilt yourself with a massage?

Massage provides your body with many benefits, easing weary joints, improving circulation and promoting general healthy well being. In fact, there are so many benefits of massage – it really is a must have treatment. So start to treat yourself with a luxurious massage once a week. For a massage with an extra sparkle, try out V London’s erotic Brazilian massage. Our clients have given it rave reviews, and it comes with an added bonus!

Do you own trendy accessories?

There’s no better item to get the girls talking to you, than to rock into a venue sporting the latest male accessory. The trendy man-bag is a must-have craze, and can be spotted on many fashionable arms in the city. If you are new to the man-bag, then we recommend the classic leather holdall, check out “blokesbags” for a great selection.

Do you love every inch of yourself?

The key to embracing your softer side, is to really look after yourself. That means making sure you are healthy on both the inside and out. Why not try out some new treatments? Maybe pop into a salon for some eyebrow shaping, or treat your weary hands to a manicure? Here at V, all our escort girls love to spoil themselves, and always look incredibly beautiful. Us men need to take a leaf out of their book – as we too deserve to be looked after! For a huge confident boost, why not book one of our gorgeous blonde escorts, and be made to feel like royalty for a day?

So why not start today? Instead of denying yourself, learn to embrace and fulfil your wants and needs.