Foods to Make us Handsome

Many of us believe that women have it easy when it comes to looking good. After all, we are unable to cover up our external flaws, whereas they have the miracle of makeup to hide any faults. They also seem to find it a lot easier when it comes to fashion – often dressing to impress with figure hugging dresses which emphasise their curves, and high heels to elongate their legs. Whereas, us men tend to stick to comfort – a jeans and t-shirt combo is often as far as we go when it comes to style.

However, there is one aspect that us men can get involved in which will help both our health and overall appearance – and that is the products we put into our body. Plenty of healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables will have an almost instantaneous effect on our appearance – making our skin smoother and our overall demeanour much more appealing! By choosing wisely, us men can do the very best with what nature gave us, without having to spend lots of money on expensive products (which can sometimes feel slightly emasculating). So read the check list below, and make sure that you are putting the correct foods into your body — and get on and eat yourself handsome!

Vitamin C ~ Kiwis

Vitamin C plays a key role when it comes to looking after our skin. A body which is rich in the correct nutrients will have healthy and glowing skin. Without the correct vitamins skin can look tired and grey, and a diet rich in fatty greasy foods can cause skin irritations and spots. Your face is your first point of call when it comes to meeting women, so it really is important to make the best of what you’ve got! When it comes to vitamin C intake, kiwi fruits are the way forward — these little wonders actually have more potassium that a banana. Kiwis are also extremely high in the magical vitamin C, containing more than citrus fruits such as oranges and mandarins. They are also jammed packed of antioxidants and vitamin E which helps protect your skin against damaging UV chemicals. As well as this, vitamin E can help protect your skin against common irritations such as shaving rash. So what are you waiting for? Get munching on those kiwis!

Vitamin A ~ Eggs

Vitamin A is well known amongst health professionals for keeping skin membrane cells healthy. It has also been proven to help prevent signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark patches. The vitamin has also been proved to help maintain healthy eyes and sight, keeping eyes moist and sparkling. Vitamin A is most commonly found in eggs – which gives us a great excuse to have a healthy fry up, with a poached egg, fibrous brown bread and plenty of vegetables. Eggs are also known to help prevent the dreaded baldness – and also help maintain the condition of hair, eliminating a dry and brittle scalp. These oval beauties are also renowned for being great stress busters – so make sure you enjoy a couple a week. For an extra does of skin goodness, eat some tinned tomatoes with your egg – a rich source of the antioxidant lycopene which helps reduce skin reddening.

Antioxidants ~ Blueberries

Blueberries are extremely high in both body craving vitamins and antioxidants. They have recently been proven to help the body to lower the absorption of bad fats, helping blueberry munchers to keep a toned and slim physique. If like me, you are a man who enjoys a beverage or three down the pub, then blueberries are the way forward when it comes to shifting that stubborn weight around the abdomen. Blueberries combined with exercise of course (a sure fire way to feel a little less guilty when down the pub).

So, as you have probably gathered, there are superfoods out there (many of which I can’t fit on my list), which can aid us men in the looks department. Why not research them further for yourself? We all know how the saying goes…a healthy body equals a healthy mind, so it really is time to eat yourself well.

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