The Great Depression

Today, January 17th 2011, is said to be the most depressing day of the year. It tends to fall on the third Monday of this month each year, as the thrills of Christmas and New Year completely wear off and leave us with the grim reality of grey skies and looming bills. Unbelievably, a whopping 70% of Brits have already broken their New Year’s Resolutions, less than three weeks into the new year! It’s no wonder we’re all feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Financial difficulties are a stress for many this week, as credit card bills for Christmas overspending come in. Also, although the snow caused havoc with national transport, we can’t help but think it’s better than the downpour we’re now having! London is a mass of umbrellas and wellington boots, making it even more of a struggle to get down the street amongst hoards of people. Holiday flings may be coming to an end too after all the excitement, leaving you on your own to ponder what 2011 will bring, and if you’re self employed you have a ghastly tax return to fill in.

This day is known by some as Blue Monday, or as Black Monday. Generally, people have very low motivation at this time of year and are feeling down in the dumps. The first week or so in a new year, we’re full of hope and expectations, but as we settle into our monotonous daily routines, these soon fade away to be replaced with begrudging acceptance.

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