Grooming for Men

Perhaps you think that grooming and pampering is something just for girls. You can’t be bothered with all these beauty products – men look just the same in the morning as they did when they went to sleep, so why bother?

Although you may not want to go as far as becoming a metrosexual, you should consider what needs to be done to make the best of yourself. Gone are the days when women were attracted to the hairiest man with the strongest odour; unfortunately we don’t live in caves any more! Things like rough, flaky skin, stained teeth and unkempt hair can be a real turn off for girls. But with so many products now available for men, you don’t need to pinch your girlfriend’s moisturiser on the sly. Here’s a simple routine you can follow to keep yourself as desirable as possible.

When you’re in the shower, use a loofah to scrub your skin. This will exfoliate without the need for any fancy dead sea salt scrub; simply use it will your regular shower gel and rinse. When you’re out the shower and dry, use a scent free moisturiser all over your body (excluding your face). The combination of these two things will ensure your skin is kept in tip top condition and will not flake or dry out.

You should use a separate moisturiser for your face; buy one that suits your skin type (e.g dry, oily, combination). This will do wonders for your complexion. It’s difficult to advise on facial hair because everyone likes something different; the only thing that applies to every man is to keep your ear and nasal hair in check. If you don’t have it already, you probably will in years to come! Trim it out of sight to stop the ladies being repulsed! Also, if you have a beard make sure this is kept clean and neatly trimmed; there’s nothing worse than a bit of left over breakfast on your face.

Keep your finger and toenails short and tidy. You don’t have to do a full manicure, but use nail clippers or scissors to keep them in check. As for your teeth, do what the dentist always told you and brush them twice a day. If you suffer from bad breath, use mouthwash every morning, and if you want to go the extra mile you can floss.

Beautiful London Escorts love nothing more than a man who is nicely groomed. It’s a real turn on for them to feel smooth skin, and breath in a fresh clean scent. Make sure that man is you!