Hangover Cures

For as long as people have been alcohol, we’ve been having hangovers. We all know that we’re supposed to eat a proper meal before we start drinking to line the stomach, and drink a pint of water before bed. Unfortunately, we don’t always remember the rules when we’re out partying hard. Then comes the next morning, when you wake up fully clothed with a pounding head, aching muscles and joints, a mouth as dry as the Sahara and the overwhelming urge to be sick. Not a desirable state to be in.

There are hundreds of alleged hangover cures, but different methods work for different people. Here are a few universally used tips you can try to make yourself feel more human after a night on the tiles.


The most important thing to do at this stage is to drink plenty of water. As alcohol is a diuretic, your body will become very dehydrated; not all liquids are hydrating. It causes your liver to excrete more water, explaining more regular trips to the loo while you’re drinking and the extreme thirst afterwards. You need to replace the lost water and rehydrate your body. Although coffee can give you a great kick in the morning, it is actually a diuretic too so will ultimately leave you worse off. The caffeine can also speeds up your heart rate, which won’t be good for those ‘morning after’ shakes.


Your body needs to repair itself after the battering you’ve given it, so try to take it easy when you’re hungover. The best way to do this is to rest. However, if you’re back at work the next day, you have my deepest sympathies; but a nap after breakfast can do wonders and let your organs work their magic.


Your body will now be lacking vitamins and minerals that it needs, so make sure you eat healthily and take vitamins to replace what you have lost. Vitamin C is especially good at perking you up, so a freshly squeezed orange juice is a good idea; many people swear by fry ups, and from personal experience they have made me feel more human. Try to grill your food though, otherwise it’s just a fat fest! If you’re lucky enough to wake up next to a beautiful escort who will bring you breakfast in bed, you’ll feel better in no time! If only we could do that every day.

Sadly, there is no proven cure for hangovers – it just takes time for your body to readjust to the sudden lack of alcohol following a binge (causing withdrawal symptoms). But following the tips above should alleviate some of the effects and give you a much better chance of pulling yourself together! Have patience, and you’ll feel back on top in no time.