Having a Midlife Crisis?

‘Midlife crisis’ is probably a term you’re familiar with. If you didn’t accuse your father of having one when you were a teenager, you can be sure that your kids will claim that you’re going through one the moment you turn 40! Although it is joked about, a midlife crisis is very real and affects most of us around the middle of our natural life.

At this age a lot of changes can occur, which makes it a transitional period of your life. It can be the time when your grown up children leave home, when your parents pass away or when your wife goes through the menopause; now, studies show that even men can go through similar hormonal changes called the ‘andropause’. Around this time, you might become sick of your career, or crave an exciting change as you let go of your youth and accept the coming older age (which can be very daunting). The realisation dawns on you that from now on, your health and fitness will go downhill, and society will start to treat you differently. You might not be able to do the things that you used to, such as adventure sports or pie eating contests!

There is certain behaviour that people associate with having a midlife crisis. A common one is buying a new sports car or motorbike, suddenly quitting your job to pursue a life long dream such as going travelling or writing a novel, and breaking up with your long term spouse. Some men get themselves a nubile young girlfriend, or start spending a lot more time with busty London escorts. Some feel the need to rebel against what is expected of them, so they might get a tattoo or piercing that is very out of character. It might hit home when you notice your physical features changing as you age, or when your kids or wife leave and you’re left to confront your own life.

A midlife crisis is usually caused by feelings of regret or remorse for goals that have not been accomplished, or mourning the loss of youth. You might start to feel depressed or have a major change in character; some turn to alcohol, and others start spending more time alone or with a new group of friends.

Although scientists claim that this only affects 10% of the western population, many more show signs of having a midlife crisis. If it’s happening to you, don’t worry; it will pass after a few years as you grow to accept your future. For now, embrace the new found you, enjoy the sports car and have fun with the sexy escort girls!