The Health Benefits of Sex

Did you know that having regular sex actually keeps you healthy and helps you to live longer? Assuming that you practise safe sex, getting frisky at least three times per week can do wonders for your body. Make sure you remind your other half of this the next time she’s not in the mood: she could be saving your life, if not prolonging it! Our cheap London escorts love it so much that they don’t need much persuasion, but wives and girlfriends may need a little convincing if they don’t have particularly high libidos.

First of all, it’s never too early to start thinking about your prostate. It might not concern you now, but prostate cancer is the most common type amongst men; research has shown that ejaculating up to 5 times a week from a young age (in your 20s) can actually reduce your chance of getting prostate cancer by a third! It’s the best way to ‘flush it out’. No more feeling guilty about your daily ‘alone time’ if she’s not having any of it!

If she wants to know how it can benefit her health, there are plenty of ways. Regular sex reduces depression, boosts your immune system, improves bladder control and general pain relief. If that’s not enough to make her jump into the sack with you straight away, we don’t know what is!

Fighting the flab can be a daunting task; as we creep towards middle age, the extra tyre seems inevitable. Did you know that a hot session in bed can burn off up to 200 calories? Who needs the gym when you have this method of keeping fit?! Having sex will raise your heart rate to the equivalent of aerobics, as well as giving your arms, buttocks and thighs a good work out. We’re sure your girl would like to see your physique looking toned, so now you have a fun way to achieve it.

Sex is also good for your heart (and we don’t mean in a ‘filling it with love’ way). If you get down to it three times a week, it drastically reduces your chance of having a stroke or a heart attack. It can even be reduced by 50% for healthy men! With so many obvious health benefits, we don’t know what you’re still doing reading this article. Get yourself and your other half to the bedroom!