How Clever Are You?

Everyone has different skills. Some are good with their hands, making them DIY kings. Others have a talent with words, and some with numbers.

The most widely accepted way to measure ‘intelligence’ is by IQ. Some of the world’s geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates are renowned for having especially high IQs; this week, a British boy aged 2 has been discovered to have an equally high IQ!

With normal scores from IQ testing, 90 – 109 indicates average intelligence. 110 – 119 is considered a superior intelligence. If you score between 120 and 140, you have a very superior intelligence, and anything over 140 means that the person qualifies as a genius (or nearly a genius). The 2 year old child, Oscar Wrigley, achieved a score of a whopping 160 points! That’s easily into the genius bracket, scoring on a par with Einstein himself.

Oscar is the youngest Brit to ever be accepted into Mensa – he has a very bright future ahead of him.

It is surprising to discover some of the household names that we know from stage and screen are in fact considered to be genius or have very superior intelligence. Some of the most beautiful women you can think of; Natalie Portman, Shakira, Sharon Stone, Geena Davis… they all have incredibly high IQ scores! Intimidating…

Along with good looks, a sense of humour, money in your pockets and a generous nature, women rate intelligence quite highly when it comes to choosing a potential partner. Some of the worlds cleverest men are nothing to look at, but end up with smoking hot girlfriends. They’re also likely to do remarkably well in business, increasing their wealth.

Kensington Escorts are often seen out on the town with businessmen who have built their fortune around their brains; a very enviable quality indeed. You don’t have to be intellectual to be intelligent; listening to Mozart and reading ‘A Brief History of Time’ will get you nowhere unless the potential is already there.

It’s easy to test out your own level of intelligence by taking an online IQ test; you might surprise yourself with your score! They aren’t too dull and you don’t need any general knowledge – they are mostly logic games involving shapes and letters. You probably won’t do as well as little Oscar, but if you do you might want to get on the phone to Mensa!