The Importance of Sleep

Personally, sleep is one of my favourite things. I adore a lie in, love lounging between the sheets and hate having to part with my beloved bed in the mornings. However, sleep deprivation is affecting more and more adults due to stress, anxiety and hectic lifestyles.

Getting a good night’s sleep is vitally important for your physical and mental well being. Many of us experience the odd restless night due to our mind racing with details of the day; work commitments, family matters, money problems. Our bodies are very well equipped to cope with the odd sleepless night here and there, but those who suffer from insomnia will know that sleep deprivation can have a very negative impact on your health.

It’s a common misconception that insomnia mainly affects older people. With their high flying London lifestyles, many young men in their early 20s are suffering from a lack of sleep. Often, the more success you have in your career, the more your sleep patterns are affected. We can put too much pressure on ourselves and find it difficult to switch off and unwind at the end of the day. For some, it could be a traumatic experience that has destructed their sleeping habits, or for others it is a major change to their lifestyle such as moving house or having a baby.

If you think your fast paced career is making it difficult for you to sleep, remove anything work related from your bedroom. Don’t leave your laptop on in the corner or sleep next to your mobile phone. As long as they’re in the room, you won’t be able to relax. If you’re worried that you might forget something important, try writing a list when you get home so that you can leave your work behind you.

Here are a few general tips to help you get a good night’s sleep:

Drink Enough Water

Your body must be adequately hydrated to allow you to sleep well – dehydration will prevent this. Try not to go over the top though; downing a few litres of water before bed will have you up going to the loo all night!

Eat Right

Good nutrition is important for your general well being, so make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet. Skipping breakfast will affect your sleep pattern – you should eat within an hour of waking.

Cut the Caffeine

It’s a well known fact that too much caffeine will keep you awake; in fact, many use it as a solution to combat tiredness. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid any caffeine after 2pm in the afternoon. This includes tea, coffee and chocolate and fizzy drinks such as Coke. You shouldn’t have more than two cups of coffee or tea per day.

If you still can’t take your mind off something, try hiring a Hoxton Escort – that should chase your troubles away!