Know Your Cologne

If you wear cologne, we commend you. It means that you take care of yourself and are making an effort to attract the ladies, and you’re probably clued up about personal hygiene. However, there are many hurdles when it comes to men’s scents; it can all go terribly wrong! Here are our tips to get it right.

You might think that your appearance makes the first impression, and that’s usually true. But if you’ve drowned yourself in a heavy cologne, that will totally outweigh any Brad Pitt good looks, and clear a ten metre radius around you. Ever heard the phrase “too much of a good thing”? This is often the case with cologne, just as it is with ladies’ perfume. If you notice people balking and gagging when you come close, take it as a sign that you need to tone down the scent; you’re offending their noses. It can be as off-putting as wearing no deodorant at all, and could spoil your chances of scoring with that hot girl in the coffee shop.

Our lovely London city escorts prefer a subtle scent on their man, that makes them want to lean closer and breathe him in. Wouldn’t you love to be that guy? All you need is a small dab on your neck and a splash on your chest to last you all day. Put it on after your shower, and don’t be tempted to top it up half way through the day.

Don’t use cologne that your mum bought you eight years ago, or the same one that your dad wears. Scents can smell dated and musty, and they can go stale. You should update it every year to ensure you smell fresh and sexy; there are even different trends that many men follow. For 2011, you should concentrate on musk and violet, with earthy base tones. If you’re a bit clueless on this topic, just ask the representative or sales person in the cologne department of a store, and they’ll be able to give you some tips.

You can mix it up a bit by buying two different colognes you like; one for the office or day time, and another to wear out in the evening. A new scent can make you feel like a new man, and will attract girls as sexy as our London escorts to you like moths to the flame!