Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation is a common worry amongst men. It doesn’t need to be a medical condition to be a concern for you; many men might be considered of ‘normal health’ in that department, but still wish that they could last longer in bed. Not only does this satisfy your woman, but it also restores your confidence in your own manhood. Not being able to hold back can lead to a disappointing and unfulfilled sex life for both you and your partner; before seeking medical help, see if any of these techniques help you to last longer during sex.

If you’re with a hot new girl, the excitement can be all to much. You can hardly believe that she wants to go out with you! By the time you make it to the bedroom, you’re nervous and eager, which together can mean that you shoot your load before you intended to. If you know that you have a hot date later, try masturbating before you go out. Make sure that you ejaculate (and don’t get any on your clean clothes!) to relieve some pent up sexual tension. If you haven’t masturbated or had sex for quite a while, you could experience an embarrassing erection when you’re out with her. Ejaculating a few hours before you have sex can help you to last longer when you get down to it. There have been men who tried this technique before meeting with our sexy ebony escorts to avoid the hard on problem!

If you’re aware that you come quite soon after being stimulated, make an effort to concentrate on your partner a lot during foreplay. If you warm her up manually and with oral sex, not only will she think you’re a generous sex God, but she’ll also come much sooner. Try to avoid receiving too much foreplay from her before intercourse if you want to last longer.

During sex, some men find that it helps to think about something else. Obviously you want to enjoy it and appreciate the girl you’re with, but having non sexual thoughts can hold off that climax. Instead of picturing Megan Fox, think about shopping lists or football. It might distract you until she starts to get to the peak, then you can join her for an explosive finish! Whatever you do, don’t tell her about these techniques – she might be flattered that you find her so sexy, but she won’t want to know that you weren’t thinking about her during your love making. Your secret’s safe with V…