Little Known Facts

There are some questions about sex and bodies that people are too shy or embarrassed to ask about; not everyone is as open as our London escort girls! We decided to hunt down some facts that will enlighten you, hopefully satisfying your curiosity.

Men always wonder if size really matters, but what about women’s downstairs equipment? The size of the clitoris is slightly different on each woman, but it makes no difference; each one has 8000 nerve endings so the capability for sensations and orgasms is physically the same. The same goes for nipples, on men and women; it’s a myth that smaller ones have more nerve endings, making them more sensitive. All nipples have the same amount as each other.

You might be happy enough with the size of your penis, until it gets cold and shrinks. Some men have worried that if this happens to often, the damage of effects could be long lasting. However, there’s no need to fret; your penis can’t permanently shrink due to cold conditions.

If your other half is pregnant, you might wonder how long you can keep having sex. The good news is that, however far along she is, sex with pregnant woman doesn’t hurt the baby. The cervix works as a barrier between her vagina and her uterus (where the baby lives), so it’s completely protected.

Did you know that some straight women enjoy watching girl-on-girl and lesbian porn? Females seem less intimidating than male porn stars, so she may be more attracted to aspects like tenderness and female pleasure.

Girls are able to become more aroused in warm temperatures, as they increase her blood flow. To heat up the mood, all you need to do is heat up the room! This explains why al fresco sex is much more popular in the summer: cold = unsexy.

We’ve often envied the fact that girls can have multiple orgasms in a row, but men actually can too. Ejaculation is a separate thing from an orgasm, though they normally happen simultaneously. A man can only ejaculate once in a session, but can orgasm more than once. Time to get practicing! You’ll have plenty of opportunities, as the average man gets 11 erections per day. As you get older, the frequency may become less. You still get erections (even when you don’t want them), but your levels of testosterone will dip slightly.

We hope our sex and body facts have taught you something new, and that you’ll apply some of this information in the bedroom!