Make Time for your Friends

I don’t know about you, but for me there are never enough hours in the day. My job takes up the bulk of it, and then when I get home I have to spend time with the family, and at weekends there’s always some errands that need running, DIY to do around the house or something to do with my partner.

Although it’s difficult, I’ve started making a conscious effort to set aside time for my friends. Whether it’s playing a round of golf on a Sunday morning, watching a football game at a mate’s house or going out for a few beers in the evening, it’s really important to keep that bond strong. Not only will your friends appreciate it, but it will keep you in a healthier state of mind to divide your time wisely.

The two main excuses for neglecting your friends are your job and your partner. I first discovered the latter during my first serious relationship at the age of 19. I was head over heels in love with this girl and wanted to spend every minute of every day with her. I still liked my mates, but why would I bother going out when I could stay in with a girl who cooked for me, made me laugh and gave me sex on tap? A year went by and my friends got really angry – I’d completely neglected them and they felt snubbed by me. They stopped bothering to invite me out and stopped calling – there was no point as I never accepted their invitations.

The blow came a year later when my girlfriend broke up with me. I was suddenly at a loose end and completely alone; it was when I needed my friends most and they were nowhere to be seen. I could’ve understood if they never wanted to speak to me again, but by some miracle they forgave me and I was integrated back into the group. I’ve never made the same mistake again; now, however much I like a girl I will still make time to see my mates both in a group and on an individual basis. They are your support network and will always stick by you.

Another case I’ve seen was a man who got carried away with his career. He could just about make time to see London escorts , but seeing his friends was a different case. Often working til gone 9pm in the evening he would go straight home and not answer his phone. Although your career is very important, seeing friends will relieve some of the stress that has built up at work. You will be able to work more effectively if you are happy and not stressed, so it’s actually beneficial to make time for your friends!