National No Smoking Day

Today, Wednesday 10th March, is National No Smoking Day in the United Kingdom. The campaign was organised by a ‘No Smoking’ charity and is now in it’s 27th year, encouraging people to kick the habit. As we all know, smoking cigarettes can be very addictive so it’s very difficult to quit once you’ve started.

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The most common reason for giving up smoking is because of the risk it poses to your health. At the moment, smoking cigarettes is the UK’s single greatest cause of premature death and illness, killing over 100,000 people in the UK each year. Some of the illnesses you can develop from smoking are lung, mouth, tongue and throat cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bad circulation and problems with fertility. All cigarette and tobacco packets are now legally obligated to print a large warning that ‘smoking kills’ on their packaging.

When smoking cigarettes became popular back in the World Wars, nobody knew of the damage it could do to your health. It wasn’t until the 1950s that some alarm bells started sounding when a link was found between smoking and lung cancer. However, by this point it was already a way of life for many and the addiction had set in. Today, people know of the health risks, but many start smoking young due to peer pressure in school.

Another reason some wish to quit smoking is due to the high cost; prices rise every year, and many are struggling with the extra cost. If you were to smoke a packet of 10 cigarettes per day, you would be spending around £1000 per year at current prices! Imagine how much you could spend over a lifetime. And imagine what else this money could buy you – a holiday in the Bahamas, a second hand car, you could decorate your house, or spend more time with sexy London escorts!

Many use National No Smoking Day as a chance to kick the habit, giving them the push they need to give up. Don’t try to do it alone though, there is plenty of help and support provided by the NHS. You might benefit for nicotine patches or gum to avoid withdrawal symptoms, and your friends and family should help you when you’re tempted.