The Perfect Massage

Massage can be a very sensual experience, whether you’re the giver or receiver. It can be a way to relieve stress, relax and unwind or to turn on your partner as a prelude to sex. You don’t need to be an expert to deliver the goods; here are a few tips on how to give the perfect massage – and you can teach your lover too so you reap the rewards!

First, set the scene. Everything should encourage relaxation, so make sure the lighting is soft and the music is tranquil; you could try chill out or even whale music. The temperature should be comfortably warm.

Find a massage oil with a pleasant fragrance, and ensure that neither of you have allergies to it – otherwise it could seriously backfire! Make sure your partner (or the receiver of the massage) is comfortable. They should be lying on their front on a towel, with no clothes obstructing the area to be massaged. The most common area is the back, so make sure you have easy access and can move freely. Warm up some of the massage oil in your hands before applying it to their skin. This can be done by simply rubbing your hands together.

Go slowly. This should be a relaxing experience, so move in long, slow strokes along the muscles with the heel of your hand. Start at the top of the shoulders and base of the neck, working your way down the arms by kneading and squeezing. Go all the way down to the fingertips for the maximum pleasure. After this, work your way again from the top of the shoulders down the back, kneading in circular motions and fluid strokes. Harder pressure can be applied with the heel of your hand either side of the spine.

Finish off by working the whole buttock area with the palm of your hands. By the time you’ve finished, she will be feeling warm, limber and sensual. The whole process should take you around 45 minutes so that nothing is rushed and she feels the full benefits. After this, you could either ask her to return the favour or move onto more steamy activities!

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