Queer Eye For the Straight Guy

If you remember the TV show ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ that started in 2003, and how popular it got amongst its female audience, you will understand it’s not that easy to tackle all aspects to be the ‘perfect man’ that women want us to be. The show was about five gay men trying to ‘transform’ the straight man into some one more presentable in five big categories; grooming, fashion, cooking, culture, and home design. It was like a show for the professional guys to help clueless and scruffy guys. Except these professionals were gay and they would always talk with exaggerated hand movement and sometimes high pitch tones, which added extra entertaining elements to the show. Most of these straight men’s partners had asked for help from the queer eyes, as they wanted their men to have a clean and stylish house, to smell nice, to be fashionable presented, to be adequate in the kitchen, and to have a second language or dancing skills would be a bonus.

This might sound like a long list to accomplish, but wouldn’t you want to turn a new page with your wife ( especially if you have been wishing that she would stop nagging). Or wouldn’t you want to impress your date especially if you are going out in a wealthy area in London such as taking your Marylebone escorts or Battersea escorts out, trust me, you would not want to stick out like a sore thumb with your ripped jeans and trainers. So how do you keep up with the beat. Some simple tips is to start with a hair cut and to make sure that you are clean. Filthy clothes and bad body odour is a no-no. Time to update your looks? anything that has sat untouched in your wardrobe for more than a decade can go into the charity bin. If you are not sure, pick up a GQ or any men magazine and have a good flip through. Do not go for pieces that you don’t usually wear, make notes on the styles you like and start from there. Some shops now offer personal stylist to help you shop and pick out the pieces that would flatter your body shape.

Start taking new hobbies or learning new things after work. There are lots of exhibitions, films, music events happening in London every week, which will not only enrich your mind, but also give you more interesting topics to talk about in social events or when you are chatting up a girl. If you are more an outdoor person, why not take up more sporty activities to tone up that belly and uplift your energy level.