Sex Myths That Could Get You In Trouble

We’ve all heard old wives tales and believe things that aren’t true, but when it comes to sex this can be very dangerous. Our Bethnal Green Escorts ensure that they’re completely clued up to avoid any problems such as unwanted pregnancies and STIs. We’re sure that all the guys out there are just as eager to stay clean of disease and don’t want to accidentally knock some girl up, so take heed of this advice!

<b>Myth 1: She Can’t Get Pregnant Standing Up</b> A recent poll showed that more than 1 in 10 people believed that a girl could not be impregnated if she was standing up when having sex. Unfortunately, your little swimmers don’t pay any attention to gravity! Millions of sperm are released every time you ejaculate, and it only takes one to get a girl pregnant. This method of ‘contraception’ is not effective in the slightest.

<b>Myth 2: You Can Withdraw Before Climaxing</b> A lot of people think that it’s safe to have sex without a condom as long as you withdraw before you come. Again, this will not prevent her from becoming pregnant. Most men have ‘pre cum’, a drop or two of liquid that leaks out when they are aroused. This contains sperm and would be sufficient to impregnate someone or spread STIs.

<b>Myth 3: She Can’t Get Pregnant On Her Period</b> People used to use a woman’s menstrual cycle to plan when it was safe to have sexual intercourse without the risk of her becoming pregnant. The truth is there is always a risk, whatever time of the month it is. Although chances of conception are lower during her period and for the week after, it is still possible. Today, 19% of people still believe this myth.

<b>Myth 4: All Sexually Transmitted Infections Can Be Cured</b> You might not be worried about the less serious infections; as long as it’s not HIV or AIDS, it can be cleared up with antibiotics. Right? WRONG. Infections such as herpes and genital warts never leave you – you’re stuck with the risk for life that they could re-emerge at any time. Herpes is the same virus as a cold sore so you can catch it through oral sex too, and genital warts can only be removed by having them frozen off. Not a good look.

Be sensible when it comes to sex, and don’t fall for the myths!