Size does matter?

To most men, penis size is the most important thing when they think about themselves. Many men often wonder if they are ‘big enough’ when compared to their peers, and most men want it bigger. The measurement of a penis is taken from the base to the tip, and often there are two measurements; flaccid or erected. Like height and waist size, the penis length can vary from person to person. However, it is believed that most men’s length would fall into a range of an average between 5-7 inches when erected. Which means, even if the football captain’s penis looked massive (6 inches) in the change room when it’s flaccid, it’d probably stay pretty much the same size when erected.

A penis erects when a man experiences sexual arousal. That’s when all the blood rushes to the penis to make it grow bigger and harder, ready for intercourse. A recent study result showed that the average erected penis size is around 5.5 inches (14 centimetres). Although most men fall into the average range, the size may still differ from one to another, and depending on the nationalities, some countries seem to have a slightly bigger average than others. For examples, France came up on top in the research, scoring 6.2 inches comparing to South Korean men who only measured an average of 3.7 inches. The country that came 2nd after France was Italy, with a measurement of 5.9 inches. Other countries that fell in-between were Mexico, Spain, United States, and Brazil. Indian men were found just above South Korea, with an average of 3.9 inches.

According to our experienced North London escorts, you should know that the average size of a woman’s vagina is only between 3-4 inches deep, which can expand to 5-6 inches when aroused to accommodate longer penises. So if you are still worried about your penis not being long enough, you should know that most women prefer a guy to have more ‘girth’ rather than length. When a penis is too long, the tip may hit on a woman’s cervix (the opening to a woman’s uterus) during intercourse, which may cause some discomfort and abdominal pain for the woman.

There are also some other factors that may affect the size of your penis, such as the weather and your physical state. For example, if you go for a swim in cold water, your penis may shrink two inches shorter! There are many penis enlargement surgeries available, but a pain-free quick tip is to have a hot shower before you meet your partner or your local Richmond escorts or Chiswick escorts if you would like to impress.