So it’s that time of year when Christmas is over, summer seems a long way away, and you’re not really sure what you’ve got to look forward to. With the weather getting ever so more mild, it makes sense that you head somewhere perhaps a bit colder to really get the most out of your thermals that you have purchased this season. Of course, it’s not really necessary to have an incredibly restful holiday, given that you’ve probably spent the last month and a bit gorging on plenty of snacks, drinking until you pass out and avoiding the gym like the plague. Now it’s time to get active! So why not head off on a lovely skiing holiday? Grab a couple of pals and hit the slopes. Just make sure you’re decked out in the best gear - it’s the ideal way to attract the attention of the gorgeous girls that will not doubt be skiing down the beautiful mountains.

Can’t Go Wrong

The most important item, probably because it not only keeps you warm but will also protect you from any falls you happen to succumb to, is by far the jacket. The colour is first and foremost. The last thing you want to do it face plant into the side of the mountain and have a bunch of others crash into you because they can’t spot you until the last minute. For this reason, we suggest steering clear of white. It also shows dirt a lot easier, so won’t be that impressive if you’re trying to chat up the chalet girl and you notice a massive stain on the right hand pocket. Good luck getting her number, mate! Looking too much like a try-hard and perhaps a Bond baddie, black is just too safe a colour. Whilst you might be inclined to choose a patterned number, but seeing as you’re only really going to be going on these holidays maybe once every two years, what you like now you may detest in two years time. That’s why we certainly suggest going for the one colour. In our eyes, you can’t go wrong with a blue or red coat.

Nurse You Better

It obviously isn’t all about the looks, but it’s important to invest in a skiing jacket because it will protect you from the cold and maybe soften the blows when your plough goes slightly cock-eyed. However, you might still end up with a couple of bruises in certain places. If so, just give us a call and we’ll send round one of our blonde escorts round to nurse you back to health. Go on, you know you want to.