Time To Shape Up

Finally, January is over and done with. By now, most of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions and have slipped back into our old, unhealthy routines. Perhaps you drink too much or smoke like a chimney; maybe you’ve hung up your running shoes and have stopped trying for that promotion. There are many lifestyles that are too hard to change instantly and quit cold turkey, and some that you learn to accept as the way you are.

One thing that you don’t need to put up with is that extra Christmas weight you’ve gained, and not yet shifted. Our outcall London escorts managed to stay fit and trim, and they love to see a guy in good shape! It doesn’t mean you have to go on an extreme diet and hit the gym five times a week, but a few small lifestyle changes can get you back to a weight you’re comfortable with. If you’re one of those lucky, toned guys who already gets all the girls, there’s no need to read on. But if you have a spare tyre you’d rather live without, follow our advice.

Cut out the snacks. If you’re eating balanced meals, you’ll feel full enough to last until your next meal. Breakfast can include wholegrain cereals or breads, fruit, low fat yoghurt or eggs, preferably poached or boiled. Porridge is great to fill you up on a cold morning – just don’t make it with full fat milk. Try adding raisins or other dried fruit to sweeten the taste, or a bit of honey stirred in. For lunch, try a salad with protein, such as chicken. There are some delicious chunky vegetable soups out there, or healthy sandwich options. Use your common sense; a fried bacon sandwich with butter isn’t going to help. For your dinner, make sure you eat vegetables and lean meat or fish. Opt for boiled or baked potatoes instead of chips or mash; sweet potatoes are even better.

Don’t take shortcuts. If you don’t get much chance to do exercise, take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk that half a mile instead of taking the bus. It’s too easy to be lazy these days, so you can go the whole day barely moving. Try to lead an active lifestyle; it won’t only keep you trim, but will also do wonders for your health and your stamina.

Drink plenty of water. Sometimes people mistake feeling thirst for hunger; drinking more water will help you feel full up more quickly, and will also keep your skin looking fresh.