Unusual Aphrodisiacs – What Would You Try?

The word aphrodisiac originates from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. There are many edible natural aphrodisiacs available which are all said to have a positive effect your sex life. Most of us have heard of the benefits of oysters, strawberries, caviar, and chocolate, but there is also a vast range of not so common foods which are supposed to light up your nether regions.

Royal Jelly

Most commonly found in bath products, the properties of Royal Jelly are rumoured to have mind blowing effects upon the act of love. Produced in bee hives, the jelly is full of nutrients and has been available in Asian supermarkets for years. Maybe you could ask one of our Asian escorts about it?


Yes you did read that right! The latest scientific discovery is that by ingesting these nutritious little creatures, your body will receive a natural sexual stimulant. Mostly used in China, ant tonic is reported to improve sexual arousal as well as increasing longevity! However, before you rush into the garden on the hunt, bear in mind that these ants are a specific tropical breed. But hey who knows, maybe the invigorating tonic will soon be hitting our shelves here in England?

Chicken Testicles

In Taiwan, chicken testicles are eaten to help promote sexual arousal. Often served in soup, the meaty treats are also supposed to be good for the skin. The testicles have a sausage consistency with a creamy liquid in the middle. If you do decide to try these Asian delicacies, remember that roosters have large testicles, too big to eat in one bite, so if you’re trying them for the first time then maybe start with just one or two. Ask your butcher for more information!

Spanish Fly

The spanish fly is an emerald green beetle found in Southern Europe. The sexy results of eating the bug are supposed to be particularly successful in elderly gentlemen. However, be warned, the beetle’s active ingredient is cantharidin which is actually illegal – and it is illegal for a reason! Cantharidin often has nasty side effects, and the different between an effective dose and a toxic dose is rather small! Best leave this one well alone!


In European history, the yellow condiment has long been considered a strong aphrodisiac. Its intense and spicy flavour is reported to warm the body and cause a rise in adrenaline. Containing selenium, magnesium and omega 3, mustard contains many of the vital vitamins needed to maintain sexual health. ….So how about swapping that ketchup bottle for some of the spicy yellow stuff?

If you want to be brave and give some of these unusual aphrodisiacs a go, then you could always ask one of our London escorts to join you? In fact, I’d bet that once you set your eyes on one of our stunners, you won’t be needing any help at all!