To Wax or Not to Wax…

Some people find the subject of male waxing a little bit awkward. However, the amount of men choosing to incorporate a wax into their usual grooming treatment is fast increasing. Long gone are the days when only body builders chose to remove unwanted hair. Now there are a wide range of popular treatments available, including back waxing and the famous back sac and crack. Many gentlemen are now opting to book a wax treatment – sometimes to please their partner, or in preparation for a hot date with a London escort.

The amount of hair on our body is hereditary and always used to be out of our control. Nowadays, we can opt to remove hair which we find unsightly, or is simply inconvenient with our modern lifestyle. Maybe you have recently embarked on a new fitness regime – in which case the removal of hair will help ease comfort when exercising, as well as helping to define our body’s contours – making all our hard work at the gym really obvious! It is also a great idea for those of us embarking on a winter holiday abroad, as we can proudly sport our tans and hair-free bodies on the beach (bound to be a surefire hit with the ladies.) Waxing aims to leave skin silky smooth as it removes all the dead skin cells, leaving the skin fully moisturised. This can actually really aid us when it comes to our love life – as many women (including busty escorts) love the feel of soft smooth skin against theirs.

Many men worry about the amount of pain involved in a wax (although we don’t like to admit it!) Once you make the plunge into the world of waxing, things become simple – with the hair becoming easy to remove with very little discomfort. However, this doesn’t mean that the first treatment is going to be agony – and most men find that it is not as painful as they anticipated. Also, any discomfort is over very quickly, and a professional therapist will always go out of their way to make the treatment as painless as possible. Professional companies are always respectful to their clients, and therapists will also ensure that your dignity is covered at all times with well placed towels. The results of waxing procedures usually last for about 4-6 weeks, but it is important to keep up the treatments, as the hair will soon become finer. For those looking to visit a reputable salon in the city, there are a wide range of establishments which offer men’s waxing.

A popular salon which specialises in male waxing is 171 Hair and Beauty situated in the centre of Islington. As a unisex salon, you can opt to visit 171 with a beautiful London escort, so that you can both enjoy some grooming treatments together. For those of us who are slightly nervous at the thought of waxing, the salon also offers electrolysis treatments – which can remove small areas of hair without any pain. The salon is located on Upper Street, a short walk from both Highbury and Islington railway and Angel tube stop.

Or, if you like the idea of staying within the comfort of your own home – Macho Waxing is a mobile service in the city which comes highly recommended. Promoting the fact that male waxing is great for hygiene and can even help improve the sensation of sex – Macho Waxing has its head salon based in Bethnal Green. For those with an abundance of extra hair, the salon offers a free ear and nose wax when any other treatment is booked. The professional waxing service also uses tea tree oil and natural products to avoid irritating sensitive skin.

So, if you (like many men) are looking for ways to remove unsightly hair – there are a variety of options available in the city. Or, maybe you are debating whether you need a waxing treatment – in which case, why not book one of our beautiful London escorts – and ask them what they think? Our lovely ladies are always kind and understanding, and available to meet you 24/7.