Your Natural Instincts

Although the glossy magazines are full of skinny, size zero models, men are often biologically attracted to a different type of girl. Studies have shown that, thanks to our primal instincts, we are naturally drawn to curvaceous hips, bums and breasts — like those on our Brazilian escorts. Our brains light up in the same way they would with the effect of drugs and alcohol, just at the sight of them! You may have heard reference to ‘child bearing hips’ to describe a pear-shaped or hourglass figured woman; this is actually the thing that draws us to them. Men have an inbuilt desire to procreate, even if the thought of babies and commitment terrifies you! You may not want to actually make the babies, but the act of doing it is all you can think about with curvy girls.

Levels of testosterone are boosted when we’re around a woman who is ovulating, which will make us feel more attracted to them. This is the time when she is half way through her menstrual cycle, so you have the all clear to proceed! Some women also claim to find the smell of fresh sweat on men a turn on, but don’t let it go stale — that will act as a repellent.

Do you believe that opposites attract? It may sound like a old wives tale, but scientists have discovered that there is truth in this. Two partners with completely different genes are more likely to produce strong, healthy offspring. Think of it the opposite way round, how inbreeding causes genetic problems. If you find someone as far removed from yourself in every way possible, they might just be perfect for you!

Many studies have found that people are more attracted to symmetrical faces and features, as well as being sexually drawn to low, husky voices in both men and women. You may not be able to do much about your face, but put on a low voice and you might be in there.

Finally, there has been evidence to show that we are more attracted to people who smell and look more similar to our parents. It looks like Freud might have been onto something after all! At least it doesn’t mean that your chances are out if she says you remind her of her dad. It probably means you’re her dream man.

With or without science and nature, you can’t deny that our escort girls are absolutely gorgeous and highly desirable. Put down your biology books and give us a call if you want to have some fun.