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Are You Looking After Yourself Properly? - 2013 February 20

The standards of one's grooming should never slip, despite the time of year. But many of us, the V London staff included, seem to think of winter as an excuse that allows us to sleep out of skin care routines. Whilst this may seem like a good idea in the long run, not moisturising before bed meant you were able to get three minutes extra sleep, you're paying for it now with that dry skin. Don't panic! You've got time before your meet with the London escorts.

I Heard You’re In The Market For Some New Wheels? - 2012 October 08

Hello, how are you? I do help that you’re well. It’s been awhile since we last spoke, but I hear you are looking for a new car? A man about town, it’s paramount to me to have a good set of wheels to whizz about in. It’s common knowledge that the speed of traffic in the centre of town is around twelve miles per hour. So whilst they may be good in the country, Land Rovers, Ferraris and other monstrous trucks are just not necessary when you’re winding around the capital. It can also provoke the wrong reaction in people. Too often you’ll see a gentleman standing next to a sports car, and the number of people who wander past whilst muttering ‘compensating for something...’ under their breath is astonishing. And certainly not the first thing you want your companion to meet when you finally see each other.

Buying a New Car - 2012 September 04

Here at the V office, we’re wondering what gifts we would buy for ourselves if we were given the chance. Obviously the first thing you think of is a holiday, but then that only happens once in a blue moon (when we can afford it) and although it’s incredible, in today’s uncertain economic climate. However, you can find so many cheap, last-minute deals that we think this would be a bit of a waste of money and not something we deem an economically-sound idea, given that we have been handed the luxury of freedom. The next thing on our list, is definitely a house. But with being tied down to one particular district of the city, not able to give a month’s notice before moving across town, instead spending weeks waiting for the house to be sold etc. we have come up with the solution. And that solution is most certainly a car.

Successfully Self-Sufficient - 2012 February 23

Achieving a good standard of living is everyone’s goal. We all aim for a lovely home to call our own, to keep us warm in the winter and protected from the elements. It is our retreat come the end of a long day of work; we all love the comforting promise of our own space. If we could, we would live in the grandest of accommodation, with deluxe interiors, furnishings and a well stocked fridge and cupboards full of good produce. After all, we work hard to earn pennies to spend on the way we live and our lifestyles, but we all can’t afford to live as opulently as we may like.

Managing your Money in January - 2012 January 11

After the Christmas holidays we know you’re watching the pennies. January seems like one very long month of outstanding payments, debts and waiting for pay day to come. However, life still goes on, regardless if you are a little financially strapped. The best and advisable thing to do is to not make too many plans in the month of January to avoid disappointment. If you are low on finances then think of other ways to socialise without having to put yourself in the red. If your relationships with your friends are strong, then they will understand your difficulties. They may even be in the same boat.

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