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Has London Fashion Week Lost Its Style? - 2013 February 18

What it is about the onset of London Fashion Week that makes everyone believe that they're the next Annie Leibovitz or Anna Wintour? Whatever it is, it can be totally overwhelming and have the complete opposite effect that the escorts in London have on us. After all, we are one of the most respected of the London escort agencies, so it's not uncommon for us to be so clued up on the industry of companionship. But when it comes to the fashion industry, it's surely best to leave it up to the professionals?

Getting over Her - 2011 April 11

I could hardly believe it when my girlfriend of 4 years broke it off with me. I was still very much in love with her, so it was difficult for me to accept the fact that she was just walking out on me after what we had built together. I was feeling really depressed for a long while, and had to take a week off work as well. I was still emotionally attached to her, so she agreed to stay friends and we’d occasionally meet up for dinners or drinks.

Film Review: Black Swan - 2011 January 24

A film about ballet may be the last thing to see on your list. But after hearing rave reviews from several of our Leicester Square escorts who had recently been to the cinema, we were more than a little bit curious! Just as promised, there are scenes of lesbian romps, Natalie Portman masturbating and a smidgen of psycho-thriller gore. Not a bad combination! On top of that, the screen is filled with lithe, beautiful girls who can lift their legs exceptionally high. Bonus.

The Best London Escorts - 2011 January 19

A V London Review: When I want something, I only want the best. I'm in my early 30s, I work in the finance sector and I earn good money. So why not?! I know as a man I am still considered to be quite young, but this is actually the time to take good care of myself. Because I work long hours, I make sure that I squeeze in time to exercise regularly, to eat well, and to indulge in full body massages once every week.

Meeting Old Street Escorts - 2011 January 05

It was my 30th birthday and my best friend was in charge of organising a party for me. He's a member of Shoreditch House, which is an exclusive club that has gym facilities, sauna, steam rooms, bar, restaurant, bowling alley, and a rooftop heated pool. All you could ask for, really! It was a group of us boys; we were greeted politely by the reception before taking the lift up. It was a rare sunny day in London.

London is the Place to Be - 2010 December 03

I have lived in London for many years and I was surprised to discover that it is quite hard to find a decent London escort – then I discovered the escort girls London has to offer. I like younger girls myself so this place satisfies all my desires! There is nothing quite like a nubile young 18 to 20 year old entertaining you for an evening – I don’t care how old you are

Review - The Social Network - 2010 October 24

Since it was launched in 2004, Facebook has become an Internet sensation. It has over 500 million users worldwide, and is still going strong. The website was created by college student Mark Zuckerberg, and has made him one of the richest men on the planet. Now, a film has been made of this story and is showing at cinemas nationwide.

My Fantasy Outcall Escorts - 2010 September 19

I used to get lonely - like, really lonely. I don’t get lonely any more because now-a-days I like to dial up a little bit of love on tap! I don’t know if you’ve tried outcall escorts London before, but let me tell you, it’s worth your while. I don’t like dating - it’s hard to find a woman I like. But these women are different. They have exactly what I want, what I need and they satisfy all of my requirements for female company.

My Perspective on London Escorts - 2010 September 14

Ah London. And, of course, London Escorts. You know what they say about London right? A cultural melting pot of Europe. It is the truth! Spend a day here and you’ll realise this by five in the evening when you are struggling to find drinkable coffee and a cash machine that isn’t backed up around the block. You’ll see the most diverse of cultures all stuffed into one massive, noisy urban jungle.

Film Review - Inception - 2010 August 10

The new Leonardo Dicaprio flick has been out for a couple of weeks now, so you might finally be able to get a seat in the cinema! This film has been a huge success in the UK, selling out screens up and down the country. It’s a great film to go and see with an escort in London, appealing to both genders equally. This is not always an easy task; many films fall into the category of chick flick or action movie, which means that one or the other might be a bit bored, but not this one.

Film Review - Kick Ass - 2010 April 21

At the top of the box office this week is the latest superhero flick, Kick Ass. The story follows comic book living geek Dave Lizewski (played by Aaron Johnson) on his quest to become the world's first real superhero. He wonders why nobody has ever tried it before; apart from the obvious lack of any powers, the only thing standing in his way is fear. So with some sweet naive optimism, he buys a suit online and secretly reinvents himself as 'Kick Ass'.

Film Review - The Wolfman - 2010 February 15

I had very high expectations for the remake of The Wolfman. So far, I cannot recall Benicio Del Toro starring in a bad film, and paired with the beautiful Emily Blunt it looked set to be a winner.

Film Review - New Moon (the Twilight Saga) - 2009 November 24

If you haven't yet succumbed to the pressure and gone to watch 'New Moon', here's a quick review (from a man's point of view rather than a woman's)! It's the second part of the Twilight Saga, based on Stephanie Meyer's series of books.

Film Review - The Invention of Lying - 2009 October 13

A safe contribution from Ricky Gervais

Tolerating Chick Flicks - 2009 September 17

Planning a trip to the cinema? Choose carefully...

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince - 2009 July 17

Film review for the latest Harry Potter release

Florence & The Machine - Album Review - 2009 July 17

Has the debut album lived up to expectations?

Film Review - Bruno - 2009 July 15

If you liked Borat, you'll love this

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