Meeting Old Street Escorts

It was my 30th birthday and my best friend was in charge of organising a party for me. He’s a member of Shoreditch House, which is an exclusive club that has gym facilities, sauna, steam rooms, bar, restaurant, bowling alley, and a rooftop heated pool. All you could ask for, really!

It was a group of us boys; we were greeted politely by the reception before taking the lift up. It was a rare sunny day in London. We hit the rooftop pool first, where we sat by the splashing sound of water sipping on cocktails. Most people there were young professionals and stylish media types. Everyone was well presented and just sitting around chilling, the atmosphere was sophisticated and relaxed; it was hard to imagine that we were in the heart of East London.

When I was half way down my third dry martini, three beautiful girls walked towards us. They warmly introduced themselves as they sat down, dressed in the sexiest bikinis I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to attract such beautiful ladies to invite themselves over. Sarah, the tall brunette, had beautifully tanned skin, long brown hair and big blue eyes. She dazzled me with the most gorgeous smile as she greeted me. Hold on.. she knew my name! Unbelievably, it was all part of the plan; my best friend actually organised the girls to spend the day with us!

They were professional high class Old Street escorts who often attend business functions, dinner dates, private parties, and any other occasions that need a bit kick of fun from young beautiful ladies. I could never thank my friend more. It was a brilliant idea. So much more fun to have some girls around than just us boys. We flirted and laughed while we played bowling and swam in the pool together. As the cocktails kept on flowing, we ended the night with crazy dance moves and headed for one of the private rooms. It was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had – one I will always remember.

Since then, I’ve called up the agency for Old Street a couple more times, but this time without my mates. It’s nice to keep it low key sometimes, just having a one-on-one at my place. The calibre of the girls has never slipped, even though I’ve met different ones to the ladies at Shoreditch House. I’d highly recommend the escorts in Old Street, they’re top notch.