6 Ways to Leave Your Lover

In the beginning it was hot, full of lust and you couldn’t get enough of each other. Now, she’s clingy and whiny, and quite frankly you’d rather spend your time with a Brondesbury Escort than listen to her pestering any more. It’s time to dump your lover, and that’s no mean feat. Here are some ways you can try to give her the heave ho!

<b>1. Leave the Country</b> You don’t have to do it permanently, but a week or two out of her line of fire might work wonders. If you just break it off and go home, she could turn up at your door, your work place, your local coffee house… Send her a text to say you’re now abroad, with no mention of when you’re returning. That should send the message loud and clear.

<b>2. Find a Female</b> If you’ve tried talking to your lover but she refuses to move on, enlist the help of a female friend. If your ex spots you out on a ‘date’ with a beautiful woman, she will realise that you don’t want her any more. If you don’t have many girl friends, hire a London escort to parade on your arm.

<b>3. Be Honest</b> She might not want to hear it, but tell her the reasons you don’t want to be with her any more. If the spark has gone, you’re bored, you’re attracted to someone else… there’s no need to insult her or point out her flaws, but cutting through the bull excuses should make it loud and clear for her.

<b>4. Jump on a Bus</b> I tried this one myself. Not sure how to explain myself, I said goodbye to her at the bus stop, then told her it was best if we finished and didn’t see each other any more – as the bus was about to pull away. She probably thought I was a coward, but it worked!

<b>5. Return Her Things</b> She might not take it seriously when you say it’s over, but make it real by giving her a box of any things she left at yours. This will make it final and close that chapter of your life.

<b>6. Pretend to Be a Bastard</b> You’ve tried the nice guy routine, but she just won’t be shaken. She thinks you’re her Mr Right and refuses to let go. Although it may be painful, you need to act cold and unfeeling towards her to eliminate any false hope she may have. If she thinks you’re a bastard, she won’t want you and will leave you alone.